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As some of you have experienced, we sometimes have cam models at our website who try to lure you into using their services. We do NOT allow this and delete them as soon as we catch them (often with the help of our users). What this model did (they use other methods too) is to get you to email them. Once you are engaged in a conversation, they ask you if you want to see them live or want to meet. To verify you need to signup for a website (mostly a cam site).

Here is a cost breakdown of a camsite which is FREE for you to join. Once you go past the trial, you automatically join 3 (THREE) other websites at $39.95 a month (per site), plus you also agree to join another site at the same amount, plus a free membership of a dating site.

So by joining this FREE camsite.. you agreed to join 4 other websites at $120 per month...
Nice way to do business huh. No wonder these cam models are so willingly to get you into their scam!

Just beware if a hot girl wants you to email her more>>
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