Fisting my sloppy cunt

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First time I actually got to see how hot it is when my husband fists my sloppy cunt! Would love to hear your comments!
Posted in: Fisting Tags: fist, cum, clit, fisting, shaved, mature
Comments (15)
jdawgstl I'd love to bury my face into that sweet juicie pussy. She's GRRRRRREAT!!!
csmeat Nothing hotter than a sweet sloppy cunt to play in.
justshyofnympho great pov vid! love the clothespins too
locdoc You both are so hot....such a sexy pussy!!!!
crazypenis Great fist action - thanks very much!!!!!
hrnybgr WoW, I'd lov to role in your great big sloppy wet cunt?
Sexybbw30s I would love to know how that feels!
orpheum69 Love to have him fist my pussy while I eat your wet pussy!
ordinaryguy I would love to feel her pussy spasm around my hand
cpl4blk66 Thanks for all your comments would love to hear more! She really gets off on posting and yes it is her that posts everything and writes the stories! Her fun is awesome loves to be dp'ed and stretched to it limits! She is a real squirter and will be making and posting some more! Please keep the comments cummin for my sexy whores nice cunt!! We love making and eating creampies
orpheum69 I've always wanted to be fisted. Bet it feels wonderful. YUMMY!
domi6 your pussy is made for fisting.
sweetasslicker i would love to fill you with cum and eat you 10+
blkman4whtwoman i love that sloppy sound. you have a really wet cunt. i would love to slurp some o that cum in my mouth.
nazhinaz I can see how your pussy lips gets swelled up baby.