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DeluxOrgasm I sucked off my friend a few weeks ago after he and i got drunk and watched some porn. It was awesome! I never even thought about a guy before, but I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth! I even liked his load, which I swallowed. Now I want to suck cock everyday. I have convinced 3 of my friends to let me suck them. They all say I'm the best. I feel like I am addicted to sucking guys off, but I still love screwing girls too. I'd suck you off right now if had the chance....
gibbsy lucky?? your male friends are definately the lucky ones..shaun..x
Swedecouple Great! Love it k and L
fishinn I love fucking a mouth with another cock in it! The feeling of a mouth sliding up and down the shaft and rubbing on another hard cock makes me cum hard! Hope you eat it all! Now give the boys a big wet kiss for letting them cum in your mouth! More please!
ordinaryguy Fucking awesome, I sure wish you were in my town, you are fucking amazing when it comes to sucking cock
samuel69 you are just so fucking sexy!

I Love Sucking Cock

From: sexiduo  (Offline
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Its my favorite thing to do.luckily we have about 5 male friends who like getting head almost as much as i like to give it.i really like taking 2 or 3 in my mouth at once,its great when they try to cram in as much as they can.
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