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Sunboy To all who have commented on my cock stretching photos:

The device seen in these photos is the Andropenis Stretcher. It is very expensive at around $300.00. I believe it is the original device of this type. However I see there have quite a number of copies on the market.

To be perfectly honest I some times regret buying it about 5 years ago because I have found it hard to keep in place. My cock often slips out of it after wearing it for a while and I get tired of adjusting it and trying to keep in place.
I have had some sucessful days with it where it did stay in place for 2 to 3 hours but overall I get discouraged and haven't used it all that much. So, I haven't seen too much of an increase in length so far.

How does it feel? One gets used to it after a while. The device comes with a set of extension rods that can be added gradually over time to increase the devices length.
It doesn't hurt if one doesn't overdo it at first.
larryp i would like to order this item 73197 need your phone no.
hawkerk Love it when wife take my balls in her mouth and stretches them.She gets a lot of precum out of me that way
moviebrat Great, tell me if it works!
_theend I lick - aeh - like your dick °!°
loquat51 My Mistress decided to stretch mine (for fun rather than to try and increase lengh). She did it on a regular basis for about 18 months and I never noticed and increase in lengh. It was enjoyable though.
PoppaWolf I agree with Bigspurt....looks painful.
How has that worked out for you so far?
sebastian806 wonderfull this website
curiousdragon Why??? It is what it is...looks fine...just enjoy it!!!
bigspurt Let us know if it works. Looks like it hurts!

Stretching my cock

From: Sunboy  (Offline
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Here I am using my cock stretcher to make my cock bigger. In the photos it is stretched out to 5 inches and it is not a "boner". It measures about 5 & 3/4 inches erect.
Keeping up with these exercises should eventually get it up to 6 inches and more.
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