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It's the Mrs. again... Thank you for all the kind comments on the last post. Many of them have made me so horny! LOL So as a "thank you" I'm sharing a short video of me rubbing my clit. Is my pussy hot? Any of you ladies want to join me?

Hubby returns here shortly before he's off to the Final Four. I can't wait until I have his cock deep inside me... I think I've rubbed my nub and lips raw this week while he was out of town on business. I can't even explain the orgasms I've had checking out the ladies I would like to have my first bi experience with and share with my husband after. Keep the pictures and comments cumming! I can't wait to share with my husband as I know he'll be turned on by the friends I've made and my posts.

PLEASE no single men. I hate to come across so rude but we don't need any guys. Just single ladies looking for a couple or couples that are actually current and looking for another couple.
Comments (29)
Coot such an awesome cunt
wonderingat40 Those lips are so sexy.
adamos very nice pussy
sparky55 yes your pussy is very HOT
tarheelfan Would love to lick that yummy pussy.
bonnieNclyde I would love to lick your pussy while my husband watched
mostchillin I want you to lick me, Annie, as my hubby fucks you from behind. Can't wait!
annieluvs i want to lick you
tarheelfan I would love to lick your delicious pussy! 10
Sagapo mmm... now that looked very inviting, do you like having your pussy licked and having your nub flicked until you CUM. Having a tongue deep inside you exploring that glorious hole and drawing out all that delicious juice and maybe squiting all you delicious CUM straight into my mouth. My hard on tells me you might!
quietprsn You are indeed a good looking woman. Everything about you is hot. What a great set of cheeks. Your long legs and ass a remarkable. Your mammaries are supple and have fantastic nipples.
Your shaved twat is very hot indeed. YOu do an excellent job of fingering that love tunnel.
sooner34 very hot!
speedy37 you move sooo nice and tender....plzzz do the same with my wife some time....she would just love that!! 10++++
sonnyanalicia very very nice made me hard an her very wet
adonis69 Mmmm...very hot looks tasty!
semduro1 the touch of his hand makes us mad
Sagapo I'd love to see you juiced up and squirting your CUM next time! Make it soon OK? Fabulous pussy!!!
orpheum69 My red lip prints would be all over that sweet pussy of yours. YUMMY!
barbvega DAMN girl...I wish I was there to help you. I am going to have to masturbate to this post

XhornyXcoupleX beautiful pussy
luv2likwmn Such a beautiful pussy!!
mostchillin Thank you for the kind comments and messages. They make us both very horny! Kinda surprised by the vote score but we're still early on... The crowd here at Adultism is getting tougher and tougher... Maybe time to go elsewhere...

LarsSixPlus -- we are the least materialistic people you would ever know. That being said, I have a proper diamond, trust me! But thank you for the recommendation.

NO SINGLE MEN PLEASE. We've been very clear on what we are looking for. And then it doesn't help that many of the single guys are the most critical of our posts... Maybe your single for a reason? I have to say that I told the hubby that if it continues this way, we're done. Hopefully it will not come to that. I hope people will continue to enjoy our posts. Have a great weekend.
bradders luv watch wife go down on that hot lookin pussy
LarsSixPlus Not that I'm materialistic or anything....but please buy this Goddess an appropriate Diamond Wedding Ring. Maybe the Hope?
sexycupple great pussy, love those pink lips...
open2it very hot
nazhinaz I licked your pink wet pussy on screen baby.
bigdj50 very nice nub rub, wish I was a lady to offer you some help.........