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Fucking my wife after she tells me she fucked another stranger

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My wife is a huge slut, she tries to have sex with as many guys as she can. She has had sex with over 200 random guys, i am to small for her pussy i only have a 7inch cock and she will only fuck guys with a 10 inch cock or bigger, her pussy is to big for me and she makes me use a cock cover to make me bigger during sex so she feels her pussy stretching. i love the thought of other men fucking my wife and the thought i really huge cocks inside her pussy really turns me on, She hates condoms and never uses them when she cheats on me. She just got home from the night club and told me she had sex with 4 random strangers. she told me that she fucked them all with out condoms and took all for creampies in her pussy. and she always manages to keep cum from dripping out of her so i can clean her up, and the taste of four different strangers cum tasted so good
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