Fuck, Marry or Avoid?

Hi Again.... Some more photos from Lanzerote

Would you:
- Fuck Me,
- Marry Me
- Avoid Me?
- or Other? and what?
---- And Why Please? -----

If you would fuck me, please leave comments as to how you would fuck me, it turns me on to know how people would like to fuck me.

Just so you know, i am a kinky little slut, love feeling rude (like very sort skirts and no knickers/panties, as you can see ;-) and am up for new things). i like most thinks, inc: fucking in all positions, having my cunt licked, sucking cock, being fucked up the arse, sex toys, butt plugs, group sex, 3somes or 4somes or moreSomes, (never had DP (only with toys and dick) nor tried fisting but want to try them!! ;-) )

Clair xx
Comments (172)
Fuck you. Mary you and share you...
Definitely "Fuck"!
Wouldn't avoid. Already married.

Why? I'm a horny man and you're a beautiful, shapely woman who likes to get naked and nasty.
Fuck? Yes!
Avoid? No!
Marry? I'd have to get to know you, first. :)
I take it all
How about you suck my dick and I'll think about it
Lets look at each option.
Fuck. That doesn't take much thought. Yes. Next question.
Marry. That is a much harder question. Marriage contrary to common belief is more about financial contracts. What does she bring to the marriage financially?
Avoid? I am having a hard time with this one. Why?
id fuck u over and over again, u look delicious!! kisses
Ohhhh for sure Marry you , Fuck you and be in heaven the rest of my life cause I would have the most amazing lady in the world as my wife
do you cook good? love enters thru mouth... so marry you :)
Fuck, marry, and share!
You're sexy xx
Fuck for sure..
love these pics. would have to be fuck you. how? hogtied so I could do what i want in a hotel, including room service so someone could also have a go while I watched.... mmmmm xx
Marry you!
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You would just have to ride my black cock
definitely fuck. in every position and hole you want and anywhere you want. love to find a friend to fuck you over and over with.
Fuck. A lot. In every hole.
i want to see her on a cock
all of the above lol
I'd do everything and anything YOU wanted to do, as long as you tell me what gives you the most pleasure and the most powerful orgasms! If it's fucking you, I'm game, if it's fingering you, I'm game, if it's toys, I'm game.....whatever you're into, I'm game for it!
Avoid? Absolutely not!
Marry? Why, do you want to waste time doing my washing and ironing?
Fuck? Oh yes, any number of times, let's start just off the path between Playa Blanca and the Marina Rubicon. There's plenty of open ground that is visible from the promenade but just far enough away to make people wonder "what are they doing over there?"
The answers could be "I think he's licking her pussy" or "it looks like he's fucking her arse and she's pissing" even "I believe he has all of his hand up her cunt, what a slapper!"
Sweet hot FUCK
fuck you in every hole possible
Fuck and avoid marry like hell.
Fuck, fuck and fuck more!!! Lick that clit until you can't take no more than slam my cock in hard xx
Fuck and leave you a mess
Eat your sweet pussy n ass .then fuck u slow deep
Fuck, outside... while hubby watches and plays with his cock!