Fuck, Marry or Avoid?

Hi Again.... Some more photos from Lanzerote

Would you:
- Fuck Me,
- Marry Me
- Avoid Me?
- or Other? and what?
---- And Why Please? -----

If you would fuck me, please leave comments as to how you would fuck me, it turns me on to know how people would like to fuck me.

Just so you know, i am a kinky little slut, love feeling rude (like very sort skirts and no knickers/panties, as you can see ;-) and am up for new things). i like most thinks, inc: fucking in all positions, having my cunt licked, sucking cock, being fucked up the arse, sex toys, butt plugs, group sex, 3somes or 4somes or moreSomes, (never had DP (only with toys and dick) nor tried fisting but want to try them!! ;-) )

Clair xx
Comments (156)
Lick u in pub watched by loads a men wanking and cumming all over u and me mmmm. Fuck yes. Love janet xxx
Avoid? Absolutely not!
Marry? Why, do you want to waste time doing my washing and ironing?
Fuck? Oh yes, any number of times, let's start just off the path between Playa Blanca and the Marina Rubicon. There's plenty of open ground that is visible from the promenade but just far enough away to make people wonder "what are they doing over there?"
The answers could be "I think he's licking her pussy" or "it looks like he's fucking her arse and she's pissing" even "I believe he has all of his hand up her cunt, what a slapper!"
Sweet hot FUCK
fuck you in every hole possible
Fuck and avoid marry like hell.
Fuck, fuck and fuck more!!! Lick that clit until you can't take no more than slam my cock in hard xx
Fuck and leave you a mess
Eat your sweet pussy n ass .then fuck u slow deep
Fuck, outside... while hubby watches and plays with his cock!
marry you then fuck fuck fuck and more fuck
Fuck... Fuck you, bent over the bonnet of my jeep behind the pub
Clair, I would love to fuck you. I really love anal and I want to bend you over and spread your arse and spit on your pink puckering anus. I would love to hear you gasp as I slide my cock deep into your sweet flesh. I would work your clit with my hand as I reamed your asshole with my throbbing hard cock. It would be thrilling to feel your body convulse as your reached your climax.
I would definitely fuck you! I'd have your ass at the end of the bed, legs up with your ankles in my hands, and slide my cockhead between those sexy cuntlips and tease you a bit until you say "fuck my cunt real good now Tim". I'd bury my cock in that ho t, wet cunt and fuck it real good, opening and closing your legs giving you a different feel of my cock depending on your spread. then, once your cuntcream would be glistening on my cock and running down into your asshole, I'd pull back and fuck your ass perfectly Clair. And I would cum where ever you wanted it - preferably on your pretty face.
omg FUCK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, msg me at mikea5782@gmail
fuck you, fuck you again, then oh yes fuck you again
Fuck the living shit out of you
I would marry you so i could fuck you every day.
Lick your cunt til it's exploding then fuck you xx you are gorgeous
Fuck you then marry your sexy kinky ass
Be sure that I will fuck you...in front of the window... so people could observe
I would fuck u lick u and spank yr ass and big boobs
i would fuck that pussy, ass and face hard......and cum everywhere
I did all 3, fucked a woman, married her and avoided her for 6 long years but then she lived in the US and I lived in the UK and she never sorted her shit out to come over
fuck oh yeah on a regular basis and fuck my wife too fuck both of you mmm
definitely fuck...and if you're everything you say you are...maybe even marry!
as for fucking, start by working my tongue in, out and around that sweet pussy and clit until you beg for mercy, then roll you over and take you doggy style so i can slap your ass as i pound you deep and hard!
Fuck you on your back balls deep in your ass while I suck your toes slide my cock ever so slowly in an out off your clenching ass.
i sent u a pic... look at pls
Fuck. HARD.