Tearing off her panties

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Well you know how it is sometimes you just get a little impatient! this we think is one of our horniest videos we both got so turned on the sound of the material tearing sent us both wild we hope it has the same effect for you-please let us know what effect it had on you!
Comments (9)
vadertwo Mmm nice sounds
mciyass Nothing like seeing a horny woman getting her panties ripped off, esp when it reveals a nice pussy like that!!
ottcpl4play Sexy and original. Tearing the panties was a nice touch, what was exposed was nice to see and nicer to touch. Classy and erotic. We were turned on by it too.
Dofunny Damn I almost came but then it ended.....please show more of your hot pussy....
Sagapo mmm Nice! Lovely pussy, and those lips look soooo edible.
ilovehairypussy It's like tearing open a package on X-mas morning. "Oh my, its just what I wanted!"
MAXIMUS12 Don't blame him. To hell with taking them off! Let's fuck!
zhinsing Was going to ding you for having them torn to start with, but since you're showing us that lovely puss, well... straight A+. The only problem was I wanted to lean forward and plant my face in there and tongue that lovely clit to climax.
Crazypaul69 Fantastic vid, made me ohh so hard, loved the sound of those ripping knickers and the sight of that hot, wet pussy mmmm - thanks x