About Adultism and why things ar the way they are

In this page we will try to clarify what our site is and explain some of our recent decisions you may be wondering about.

Our goals and how we are different

We strive to be the biggest amateur adult community and to provide best possible user experience. Our goals can be listed in this order:

How we make money

Simple answer: we don't. We have been funding this site from our own money for about 10 years. In 2011 we introduced paid memberships, which helped to cover our hosting bills, however we were still going negative for a long time. Right now all the money we make is invested back into Adultism. We want to have the best possible site and until we achieve this, we are not planning to make money.

Why no advertising

Again, very simple answer:
  1. It sucks for the user. Adult ads make the site slow, they may contain viruses or other malware and they are misleading a lot of times. We just don't like to give this to our users.
  2. They make no money anyway. We have tried to make it work for a year or so... our site became a banner farm and we still had to pay the bills from our own pockets. Our server bills were still way bigger than income from the advertising.

So how is it going to work?

We have developed a plan that is very easy to follow for us and our visitors: It's a very simple plan. I am sure a lot of you will not like it, but we can't keep funding this from our own money forever.

Yes, this means that movies will be accessible to gold members only. But read on:

How is it going to be for the old time members?

We decided that once we give something for free, it has to stay free. All existing members (at the time of this writing, around 300 thousand) will not see any changes. They will get access to all the feautures they used to have in the past.

All members who will join the site after March 15th, 2012 will get more restricted set of features.

We believe this is a fair policy. We also believe it is the only option for us to stay online and keep improving this site.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it!

yours faithfully,
Adultism team