Dirty,Nasty,Smelly Panties!

This is Brandy,my hot,horny online panty girl! She's been wearing & cumming in these sweet,nasty panties for 7 straight days now! They look so,so yummy huh? She's mailing them out to me tommorrow & I can't wait to get that dirty,nasty,creamy,smelly panty over my face,crotch stuffed into my mouth sucking all her sweet juices,as I jerk my throbbing cock to many orgasms! I'll post some pics of me eating the panties out & jacking off when I get them! Be watching for the pics guys & girls! Any other girls here want to sell me there nasty,filthy,cummy panties? Let me know! I love eating these nasty,smelly crotches!
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Comments (9)
kullkhan really yummy ones !
Frankenpenis Would love to make a soup with your filty drawers...
justez yes back again want to eat you all up and suck your panties clean
justez Dirty, Nasty, Smelly, To who?????? . Surely not me, Look at the SEXY lady that did that to them, WOW Now thats the Breakfast of champs. Don't get to see that hot of a box in a cub grocery store. It's so ready to eat, But use a spoon don't want to miss a drop. 10's again
bootneck2 mmmm fuckin hot!
doto1 Wow, its so horny...mmmhhhhhh
sissyanalinga How can i beg to get a pair of Brandy's 7 day old panties to worship, please?
HerrPG lovely
ssjtrunks not bad