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dickiedido oh keep it shaved please! how did you persuade her to let you shave her pussy? i am so trying to get my wife to shave hers! mmmmmm xx
DirtyHarry69 Nice shaved pussy photos!
You should have a look at my wife Michelle's posts, she has a nice shaved pussy and spreads it wide open!
Take a look at our profile and you'll see her pics, and she likes to read your nice comments.
Cheers, Mark & Michelle. x
Cplforplay That shaved pussy looks awfully good to me. I would eat and fuck that cute flesh for hours on end...
woobers What a lovely pussy. I'd vote for keeping it shaved, but I am sure it is delicious either way.
kemal67 Very hot - keep it that way, it looks great!
bobsfreestuff Great looking pussy. High vote from me.
bobsfreestuff About time. Nothing like a hairy pussy to make you want to cheat on your wife.
wirbech Very nice...I love a freshly shaved pussy...It adds to the beauty....I would love to lick a shaved pussy all night ....you are a very lucky person. Keep it that way.....
wicked1s wow she is hot and sexy looking.10+
likesembig shaved is very nice! can i have a taste? 10+
Bruce1963 Shaved looks so yummy,
jaklien Very nice. A 10++++++++++ With what did your friend shave you?
ready2squirt4u Absolutely beautiful, and yes very tasty. I gave it the tongue test several times to make sure!
bivaguy Love a smooth sweet shaved pussy...I hope you gave her the tongue test to make sure you did a great job. 10 here.
OldSalt be nice to mount her from the rear to fuck that pussy and ass
parfive wow beautiful curvy hot body and pretty pussy perfect hope to see more a real 10
dickeyduck I like smoothly shaved pussy also, indeed its very lickable, so keep it nice and shiny bald.
Next time maybe a brazilian wax??
AUST bald is best looks hot wish we were there xxxxxxxxxxxxx
chefjim o kep it shaved!!!! look ssoooo nice!
bradders very nice pussy

First time shaved!

From: ready2squirt4u  (Offline
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It finally happened. She agreed to let me shave her smooth so I put the razor to her. She is still getting used to it, but I already told her I liked it. Another couple said they wanted her to shave it too. Its very lickable now, not that it wasnt before, but easier to access every nook and cranny. Take a look at our "old" hairy pussy posts and tell us what you think. Keep it shaved or let it grow back!
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