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We've been getting quite a few complaints regarding downvoting in the hall of fame recently. OK, not exactly recently, as this has been going on for years... :) Anyway, after a lot of talking with our members, we have decided to remove voting from Adultism, which obviously means that Hall of Fame has changed too.

New Hall of Fame is no longer based on post ratings.

I can't share the exact formula as we don't want the new system to be abused, so this will be our little secret for now :). I can say however, that we compare a number of factors when deciding which posts should be listed inside Hall of Fame and the algorithm has become quite advanced by now. Adultism will do it's best to make sure that only the best posts are listed here and stay as long as needed.

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Highlights and shadows of me
14 img from wifeycara
Views: 34068  Commt: 341
No 1
So another arousing mood struck when I took these. Hopefu...
Wife gets a big facial
1 video from kingROD
Views: 19432  Commt: 128
No 2
Had a new boy toy for wife cum over and fuck her. here is...
Boring afternoon posing nude on my be...
16 img from gostoseta
Views: 13390  Commt: 254
No 3
Please post hot comments, they make feel horny and sexy
Milf ass needing fuck buddy
12 img from carnut65
Views: 16521  Commt: 273
No 4
I hope you like these ass pics
☀ Beach & Summertime
16 img from gostoseta
Views: 11293  Commt: 218
No 5
Do you prefer my tits or my butt??
The wife once again showing off her s...
1 video from rtrhed747
Views: 17560  Commt: 102
No 6
She just loves the taste of cum and the feel of a pulsati...
Bald pussy pics
12 img from Breeyana...
Views: 14488  Commt: 186
No 7
Lot of guys asked to see some bald pics.Hard to get these...
Me..naked for you
1 video from Breeyana...
Views: 7816  Commt: 126
No 8
Lots of masturbating.And as you can tell from the cream i...
Before the big day!!
17 img from leparide...
Views: 14896  Commt: 134
No 9
Hello! a new series before the big day! That's naughty b...
Be careful you don’t get your eyes ...
12 img from jenny102
Views: 13348  Commt: 172
No 10
Display of those big hard nipples just ripe for sucking on!!
A sexy cruise
12 img from leparide...
Views: 22995  Commt: 163
No 11
The wedding is approaching ... A cruise with my future h...
Watching the neighbors son fucking my...
1 video from gumbyand...
Views: 13813  Commt: 173
No 12
We had so many requests for a video of them going at it w...
Jade and 4Fun...togehter again
20 img from posewith...
Views: 10446  Commt: 142
No 13
Got to spend more time with great friends and more great ...
My wife and 3 boys having sex blindfo...
1 video from gumbyand...
Views: 7505  Commt: 199
No 14
I cant say who they are, close to us though LOL. one used...
Eve open air....
13 img from eva12eva
Views: 14858  Commt: 123
No 15
For you from italy
Your opinion, please
9 img from plaisirvs
Views: 15320  Commt: 396
No 16
I always wanted larger size boobs, but my BF tells me the...
Wife sucking and fucking
1 video from kingROD
Views: 10445  Commt: 59
No 17
Wife invites a stranger to come over. she enjoys his cock...
Corset and boots
13 img from vanessa65
Views: 7351  Commt: 197
No 18
Making use of some Autumn colour. Our building and ren...
Thanks for all the comments to first ...
10 img from Jes55
Views: 16559  Commt: 261
No 19
Thanks for all the lovely comments, messages, etc from my...
Saturday Night
1 video from slygirl21
Views: 14432  Commt: 138
No 20
Was getting ready to go out on Saturday night and logged ...
For Dan1173
20 img from Breeyana...
Views: 10981  Commt: 128
No 21
Some bald and close shaven pics for you.You are so damn ...
Hairy in yellow
15 img from Breeyana...
Views: 10109  Commt: 162
No 22
Going out this evening with my 61 yo bf.Do you think he w...
I am more and more fun to post!
16 img from leparide...
Views: 11871  Commt: 114
No 23
Marriage approach but I take more pleasure in showing me!...
When men or toys are not availaible
18 img from plaisirvs
Views: 11804  Commt: 127
No 24
Men or toys are not always around to please me. It's not ...
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