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We've been getting quite a few complaints regarding downvoting in the hall of fame recently. OK, not exactly recently, as this has been going on for years... :) Anyway, after a lot of talking with our members, we have decided to remove voting from Adultism, which obviously means that Hall of Fame has changed too.

New Hall of Fame is no longer based on post ratings.

I can't share the exact formula as we don't want the new system to be abused, so this will be our little secret for now :). I can say however, that we compare a number of factors when deciding which posts should be listed inside Hall of Fame and the algorithm has become quite advanced by now. Adultism will do it's best to make sure that only the best posts are listed here and stay as long as needed.

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My wife and 3 boys having sex blindfo...
1 video from gumbyand...
Views: 15464  Commt: 287
No 1
I cant say who they are, close to us though LOL. one used...
Isabel showing you everything
20 img from isabelsh...
Views: 11737  Commt: 205
No 2
Thought it was about time we put some pics back up, these...
One of our Internet Friends (Requeste...
20 img from Brina
Views: 14355  Commt: 231
No 3
We meet with this guy every now and then. We always have ...
Corset and boots
13 img from vanessa65
Views: 14148  Commt: 251
No 4
Making use of some Autumn colour. Our building and ren...
I'm back- to fuck!
20 img from HannahsC...
Views: 13895  Commt: 206
No 5
Title says it all I think! U want my old, well used, ...
Boring afternoon posing nude on my be...
16 img from gostoseta
Views: 20940  Commt: 295
No 6
Please post hot comments, they make feel horny and sexy
That's it!!! I say the big "YES"
10 img from leparide...
Views: 18702  Commt: 209
No 7
Wedding done! The question, should i keep posting now? Te...
Poolside for You!!!!!
13 img from viper1
Views: 11612  Commt: 168
No 8
Relaxing by the pool enjoying the day. Love showing it al...
I Do Love Anal (Requested by:bonnieNc...
1 video from Brina
Views: 8553  Commt: 271
No 9
Here is a little video clip of me getting it in my ass. ...
New set for friends!
11 img from caribouhot
Views: 16603  Commt: 200
No 10
A little set taking this morning!!
Touching myself in hose
1 video from sweetjulie
Views: 9014  Commt: 197
No 11
Just trying this out
Hot as fuck in blue!!
20 img from Breeyana...
Views: 12376  Commt: 153
No 12
Damn,ya girl gonna hurt somebody,lol!
Vicky Prout's Cunt
20 img from VickyP30DD
Views: 10522  Commt: 171
No 13
So horny I even included my name on the gallery title! He...
Naked & waiting
20 img from Brina
Views: 10197  Commt: 207
No 14
A few pictures taken while waiting for one of my husband'...
SJ sucks cock!!
1 video from TerryXX99
Views: 10321  Commt: 184
No 15
Unsure to post this video so will watch comments. SJ was ...
Hairy in yellow
15 img from Breeyana...
Views: 15351  Commt: 181
No 16
Going out this evening with my 61 yo bf.Do you think he w...
My 34DD titties love attention!
8 img from DirtyJanie
Views: 12408  Commt: 281
No 17
Just saying hi with some titty pics.:) I hope looking at ...
Lucky day at the beach
20 img from daleo14
Views: 11669  Commt: 130
No 18
The sun, beach, and a few drinks made me so horny and wet...
Help me - with Your ideas or with mor...
14 img from Atergo24
Views: 8745  Commt: 106
No 19
Hi there! Tomorrow, Friday, July 18, 2014 I'm back in the...
Open cunt - Tit and toy play
20 img from AliceSuc...
Views: 10609  Commt: 170
No 20
Put on a little display for a good friend here on Adultis...
I'm back... with a bang!
1 video from kb52
Views: 5181  Commt: 160
No 21
It's been quite a while since we posted any photo's or vi...
Erotic pictures - vol. 2
20 img from Nahia
Views: 8600  Commt: 104
No 22
Each time it's the same. I start slowly in sweetnes, a li...
The day after the wedding night!
12 img from leparide...
Views: 11710  Commt: 105
No 23
The day after the wedding night, new husband would like t...
White shirt (Requested by:Richard)
20 img from Brina
Views: 6674  Commt: 149
No 24
I sometimes enjoy wearing my husband's shirts. He decided...
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