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We've been getting quite a few complaints regarding downvoting in the hall of fame recently. OK, not exactly recently, as this has been going on for years... :) Anyway, after a lot of talking with our members, we have decided to remove voting from Adultism, which obviously means that Hall of Fame has changed too.

New Hall of Fame is no longer based on post ratings.

I can't share the exact formula as we don't want the new system to be abused, so this will be our little secret for now :). I can say however, that we compare a number of factors when deciding which posts should be listed inside Hall of Fame and the algorithm has become quite advanced by now. Adultism will do it's best to make sure that only the best posts are listed here and stay as long as needed.

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I need to be fucked!! Fuck my cunt!!
20 img from AliceSuc...
Views: 19636  Commt: 205
No 1
Had a days pampering.Had my hair done and my cunt waxed a...
My husband fucking my ass!
1 video from lovepuss...
Views: 16266  Commt: 152
No 2
My husband finally giving my ass some attention before he...
SJ wanted to do another shoot!!
16 img from TerryXX99
Views: 16038  Commt: 180
No 3
SJ was so happy at our party she asked for a video and mo...
Quite possibly the best bj I've given!
1 video from foxbat263
Views: 7132  Commt: 110
No 4
Hubby said this was one of the best blowjobs I've ever gi...
Cum on my stockings
1 video from stocking...
Views: 18348  Commt: 124
No 5
I was staying in a Hotel and fancied a bit of cock, the p...
12 img from Rebeccaw...
Views: 18157  Commt: 179
No 6
To my guys that love panties and to see woman in them..en...
My open cunt
10 img from AliceSuc...
Views: 13716  Commt: 217
No 7
A little gallery where I've tried to fulfill several requ...
Washing my tiny titties!
1 video from Sum0ne
Views: 6358  Commt: 213
No 8
BF video's me taking a bath. Recently, I've been conv...
Chocolate wasted...
12 img from Brownbeauty
Views: 9589  Commt: 205
No 9
Heres an overdose of this chocolate skin lol...enjoy and ...
Lounging around
15 img from vanessa65
Views: 8181  Commt: 167
No 10
As I recall it was a rainy day......good opportunity to t...
Just a horny day
1 video from may69
Views: 4229  Commt: 102
No 11
So do you think this is sexy , was horny yesterday and go...
A good suck
13 img from vanessa65
Views: 12526  Commt: 163
No 12
It's very satisfying to savour something mouth size, bite...
Hope you like this too
15 img from attilakinga
Views: 16169  Commt: 125
No 13
For adultism members
Just some pics
7 img from OldAssPussy
Views: 18648  Commt: 484
No 14
A few pics I took at a couple abandoned houses with my la...
15 img from wetcunt
Views: 9115  Commt: 118
No 15
Wanna see you cuming over me!!!
Shower fun
1 video from nursenesq
Views: 17932  Commt: 90
No 16
Doing Hubby's friend in the shower while he videos
Sara Miller nice Toledo ass
16 img from SaraMiller
Views: 13190  Commt: 113
No 17
Hello everyone! Thanks for all your sweet comments! I can...
Sending selfies, anyone like some nex...
18 img from photo123
Views: 5623  Commt: 155
No 18
I thought it was about my time i had a go with a camera....
I want to 69 with Brina!!
20 img from LisaTT
Views: 9285  Commt: 148
No 19
What do you think Baby.... Would you like to taste my pus...
Mothers day
14 img from kentcoup...
Views: 7785  Commt: 119
No 20
Pics of mum Jenny for Mothers Day
Cat vacation pictures part 1
20 img from Firecat44
Views: 5291  Commt: 103
No 21
Just back from an unreal vacation. a few of our MANY pic...
Do you want more??
16 img from TerryXX99
Views: 11629  Commt: 174
No 22
SJ (Sarah-Jane) chose these pics to show you!! She said s...
1 video from amandacarr
Views: 15943  Commt: 101
No 23
Mandy from lymm
Studio photoshoot
12 img from sealovers
Views: 7191  Commt: 171
No 24
I cannot think of something sexier than my wife under the...
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