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We've been getting quite a few complaints regarding downvoting in the hall of fame recently. OK, not exactly recently, as this has been going on for years... :) Anyway, after a lot of talking with our members, we have decided to remove voting from Adultism, which obviously means that Hall of Fame has changed too.

New Hall of Fame is no longer based on post ratings.

I can't share the exact formula as we don't want the new system to be abused, so this will be our little secret for now :). I can say however, that we compare a number of factors when deciding which posts should be listed inside Hall of Fame and the algorithm has become quite advanced by now. Adultism will do it's best to make sure that only the best posts are listed here and stay as long as needed.

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Rounded up
14 img from vanessa65
Views: 17217  Commt: 389
No 1
...............well, sort of. It was a taste of what it ...
Swinging tits anal
1 video from stuffnph...
Views: 11538  Commt: 165
No 2
We love the comments...they make her want to post more....
Last of the season bikini
15 img from wifeycara
Views: 10585  Commt: 175
No 3
Hey guys and gals- It was a great summer and I was just t...
Masturbating for friends!
20 img from AliceSuc...
Views: 8163  Commt: 159
No 4
Part 1 Arranged to do a little striptease and to mastu...
Pussy picnic
18 img from DirtyJanie
Views: 10043  Commt: 174
No 5
Took my lunch to a park the other day - wasn't wearing pa...
Blue pants for your eyes
12 img from lesbourg...
Views: 14354  Commt: 124
No 6
Just me, my blue pants and you!
Slutty little dress (Part 3)
12 img from DirtyJanie
Views: 12865  Commt: 129
No 7
Last pics taken last night, and in some the slutty dress ...
Too hot for panties ...
20 img from DirtyJanie
Views: 9478  Commt: 147
No 8
It's so hot out that I decided not to wear panties today....
Adultism fuckfest challenge
17 img from photo123
Views: 14055  Commt: 250
No 9
We see a lot of this ALS ice bucket challenge so I though...
Love to pose
20 img from stuffnph...
Views: 11290  Commt: 170
No 10
Randoms from the past and present.
She likes to take it in the ass
1 video from xristospana
Views: 20229  Commt: 50
No 11
Busty greek gf fili .sucks for you in cam , doggy anal wi...
Creamy smoothness
11 img from ballsfull
Views: 14758  Commt: 149
No 12
Yet another morning romp leading to general creaminess.
@47 am i to old to be fucked
20 img from vezerlay101
Views: 9488  Commt: 321
No 13
@47 am i to old to be fucked? Well? comments welcome
Pretty in Pink! for friends!
11 img from wildncrazy1
Views: 18500  Commt: 337
No 14
Thank you everyone for the great comments and responses! ...
Wife Pounded
1 video from takemywi...
Views: 25929  Commt: 146
No 15
Getting a good pounding
Slutty little dress (Part 1)
13 img from DirtyJanie
Views: 9631  Commt: 103
No 16
Some pics my friend took for me before we went out last n...
In lingerie
9 img from katrin79
Views: 12342  Commt: 290
No 17
Me showing my pierced pussy
Dirty 19 - Tits, Ass, Anal, Pussy, an...
12 img from SweetCarmen
Views: 8991  Commt: 101
No 18
Some say I'm young, dumb, and full of cum. Maybe they're ...
No bra, no panties, no problem (Part 4)
17 img from DirtyJanie
Views: 8194  Commt: 110
No 19
The last, and naughtiest, pictures from my recent night o...
A happy end to Wednesday
12 img from youandIfun
Views: 10951  Commt: 157
No 20
We all saw how the morning began , and after a day of rea...
Teasing my husbands friend
18 img from Sierra4fun
Views: 6501  Commt: 106
No 21
I have been teasing my husbands friend more and more. Sen...
Kerrie secret hotel shoot!!
1 video from TerryXX99
Views: 16863  Commt: 75
No 22
Kerrie's hubby wanted a good video and some pics of his g...
Pussy slide compilation
1 video from ballsfull
Views: 4533  Commt: 78
No 23
3 pussy slide cumshot vids, with the first one being from...
My face and a LOT of cum!
20 img from HannahsC...
Views: 10188  Commt: 104
No 24
Different hair - Same Whore! LOL A fully clothes facia...
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