Amateur Sex

Amateur Sex

Amateur sex or amateur porn is when some guy and his girlfriend decide to record their sexual escapades. Of course this really isn’t limited to just a guy and girl, it can be a girl and a girl, or a guy and a guy, or just the individual masturbating of a group of friends. The key however, is that these people are not in the profession of making porn movies. They are just having fun and decide to break out that video camera or picture camera and go with the moment.

Amateur sex footage is probably as old as the invention of photographic equipment, but in the 1960’s, with the invention of the polaroid camera couples everywhere were now able to capture themselves in the heat of passion without fear of outsiders seeing what they had done. After all obscenity laws were very conservative back in those days. So now they could take their pictures and didn’t have to worry that the local drugstore that processed photographs would know what they were up to. And then came VHS camcorders which allowed you to make your own porn movie.

But what really facilitated the amateur sex revolution was the invention of the internet, digital cameras, and camera phones. Couples, individuals and even groups could easily record their sex acts with ease and sometimes without them even knowing that they were recorded. But be careful, because now with social networks like facebook, you never know when you might be the amateur sex video of the day!

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