Sex: female, looking for male
Age: 35 years old
United States
Member since: May 06, 2010
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Interests: I have cucked my husband for years and i was attracted to this site because i saw a few cuck posts. Not sure if I will ever post my own pics because of what i do for work, but i wanted to start a profile to browse. If i had to cite one interest it would be connecting with either women who cuck their husband/boyfriend or men who are cucked. It is endlessly fascinating. Rape fantasy turns me on too. I was forced when i was younger. I fucked him for years after that happened and im tired of being embaressed about it and affraid to talk about it. If talking anonymously counts. :)
Comments: Love to chat. Most things i find interesting and i love learning about new things. In my "real life" im a straight edged, buttoned up white collar type. I come here every so often to let my hair down and not worry about anything.