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jamal97 I do love seeing big girls punished. More clamps on nipples, labia, and clit. Cunt whipping with a belt would be nice, penetration with big objects--and if you are punishing and shaming, make sure her face is visible.

The best idea, however, to to put out a personals ad offering her for blow jobs for $5. Don't let her accept more and no tips, then have her work off the entire credit card debt.

Punishment for a bad whore wife

From: Mr_Fedish1  (Offline
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Spent to much on our credit card. Had to punish her. She has agreed to be my sex slave for this week to pay back for what she has done.I need ideas on how to punish her this week. Tomarrow is the first day of her punishment with six more to follow SO give me ideas.