Fat Pony ssbbw 3

Last weekend, I got Fat Pony on the couch in the living room. I used her HORSE SIZED dildo on her, and fucked her in between that. Keep in mind, by the time I remembered to bring out the video camera, I had already fucked her for over a half hour. This is how horny she gets AFTER she has already been fucked hard! I love my fat slutty pony! These are caps from the video. We are not sure if we will post the video yet. I will see after it is edited.
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I would love to lick your fingers clean
I would lick your fingers clean
I would lick your fingers clean
She's GORGEOUS!!! I'd love to see the vid, or better yet, in person ;)
she should be in a world wide breeding program we should be able to get her to take on a real bull and she should only eat grass and sperm
Fat women are such horny sluts.. i think im going to have to stop being so shallow and try one out ;-)
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Just wanted to say what a sexy Lady you have. there are some who don't appreciate the beauty of a SSBBW and that's ok, but why do they have to be so childish about it? Can't they just go fuck a bone-bag?
fistfucking her asshole!
Shavederic, once again, you are WRONG. You can't figure out game on my level. She walks around fine. Go back to school and get your GED.

White Wolf
What a sexy wife!! I would love to help you shove that horse cock up her fat pussy! Then I would shove my really thick one in too! I just love her huge belly! Hope ya share more of her!
WOW, she not only has an awesome bod & INCREDIBLE belly, she's horny & hot too. ..that dildo is HUGE! What a turn on! PLEASE post at least some of that video, would LOVE to see all that sexy fat in motion. . .
i could have fucked that ass hour hours 10+
hang you head in shame