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I am a camgirl, am I welcome at adultism?

If you don't spam our users with your website, telling them they should pay to watch you... and want to be an active genuine member of our community? Sure you are!

But, if you just come to Adultism to spam, trick people, make false promises, or are not even the person in your profile picture (how many blonde hot girls live in the phillipines?). Then NO! We will remove your account and blacklist all your user information. And we urge our users to report you and to ignore you. Fake is not tolerated at Adultism!


Can I mention Kik, phonenumbers, skype, my email address on an album or my in profile?

No, and we will remove them without asking if we see it. We try to be a very open community and don't think that users are 'ours'. but.... Unfortunately, spammers, scammers, fraudsters, camgirls, etc etc like to exploit this. As we can't know who has bad intentions and who is sincere. We have decided not to allow direct contact information on any public page.


Can I watch movies for free?

That depends, every new member gets a certain amount of free movies. We've changed our policy regarding free movies, you can read on this page why.

If you want to be able to watch unlimited movies, there are 2 ways get this feature (and many more):

  1. Upgrade to a gold membership . With a gold membership you have unlimited access to all the features on the site plus many more which are not available for regular members.

  2. Secondly, we have another option for regular uploaders: If you have at least 3 active uploads (so 3 posts) in your account AND you verified your account your account will automatically upgraded to the 'uploader status'. If you have the uploader status, you can watch unlimited movies, plus you will get access to some other cool features.



Can I upload pictures which aren't mine?

If took the pics and they're yours and the person in the pictures agreed explicitly with being shown on our site, yes...

if you found them online just saved them or somebody send them to you and you upload them as your own... no, Adultism is an amateur community for people who want to upload their OWN home made movies and pics, not those of some random pornstar or pics you found on the web.


So how can I submit pics or movies of my penis?

If you show more then just your penis, then you can. You don't have to show your face (you can also cover it if you want to), but we want more then just close ups of your penis. You will also get more views and comments this way we know from experience. The more you show yourself, the more response you will get.


I want to upload pics or a movie of a minor, is that cool?

NO! if you do this we will delete your account and report you to the authorities, plain and simple..


Can I upload pictures or a movie from my ex?

If he / she is ok with it, sure... if they don't approve it? Absolutely not. How would you feel if somebody did this to you?


Can I upload pictures I copied from the web?

If they're yours and the person in the pictures is ok with it, yes... if you just saved them and upload them as your own... no, Adultism is an amateur community for people who want to upload their OWN home made movies and pics, not those of some random pornstar


I want to upload a movie of me jerking off, is that ok?

If you show yourself completely, yes, if you show a close up of your penis, no....Same reason as why we can't list a post of pictures of just your penis.


I posted pics of just my penis, but my upload got declined? why?

Everyday we get quite a few posts with guys uploading pics or a movie of just their penis. Unfortunately we can't accept these. Here's why:

  1. We have more male then female members,
  2. Some guys upload endless amounts of close up pics of their penis. So the site gets flooded by content nobody really wants to see.
  3. Most women don't like to look at them, if they only see pics of penises, they will leave, So we end up with more pics of penises. Men don't mind to look at pics of vagina close ups so that is why those get approved. I know this is unfair, but there are still numerous ways of getting your pics accepted though.

For guys, the golden rule is: In at least 1/3rd of the pics we require at least 75% of the body to be visible. .


My album with me spreading my ass got declined (guys)

We don't allow male gapes. That is the reason. If you will submit them, they will get declined.


Hey, I saw pics of just a guys penis? how come??? I want to upload those kinda pics too!

Sorry, but that person is prolly a gold member and their uploads are reviewed afterwards... Or a reviewer made a mistake and approved something that shouldn't be approved. When we encounter it at a later time we will remove it as it conflicts with the rules.


My voyeur pics are declined or deleted?

Correct. We don't allow any album with pics where the person in them doesn't seem aware that they're filmed or photographed. This is actually illegal! Same for making pics of people sleeping. We need to be able to see that the person in the pictures is ok with being on our site. Please verify your account


I want to upload pics or a movie which are really bad in quality or very dark, can I?

Well, we understand that this was an amazing arousing experience for you, but if others can't see what happened there is very little reason to upload your pics or movie. Ofcourse you can always upload them and see if they get accepted.


How many posts can I upload per day?

Unlimited ;-)


Do I have control over my own uploads?

Yes, always and totally! we believe they're pics or movies you submit are yours and you decide what happens with them. In your account settings you will find a section called Account management { http://www.adultism.com/myposts.php}: you can edit them there. One thing though, if you decide you want your uploads to be deleted, you have 48 hours to email us to restore them (only we can do that,).


I accidentely deleted a post, can I restore it?

Sure thing, just email us


Can i decide who can see my posts

If you're a gold member, yes...Adultism Gold members can adjust post privacy settings: Their post can be shared with everyone, only registered members, only friends or made completely private. You can compare account features here


Why did my upload got declined?

Well, that could be of a number of reasons, some of them are laid out in this document. But you should have gotten an email with a decline reason. If you didn't got an email please check your spam folder.


Why did my post got removed after it was approved?

That could have happened because of various reasons: Could be that we got complaints about it or that it turned out that the uploaded violated one of the rules


How do I get more views?

There are several ways, the most effective way is to upload great stuff ;-) Then responding to comments from others help a lot too. The more active you are, the more views you will have.


My post is no longer on the main page after a new comment, why?

Your post is older then 1 month. Your post will stay visible everywhere else (search, archives, hall of fame, your account, etc), it is just not listed on the main page anymore


Can I upload pics or a movie where I show blood, family members, people under 18, feces or are rediciously obscene?

Only If you want your account deleted... We do NOT accept any of this type of content. And if you do submit it we will delete your account no questions asked.


Can I upload HD movies?

Yes, you can.


How do I make better pictures?

Make sure you use proper lighting, using a digital camera will help too. Digital camera's (and smart phones with a camera) are rated by the amount of Mbs. The heigher this is, the better the picture quality will be. Basically any modern mobile phone makes amazing pictures.


Can I upload pictures from my phone/ ipad?

You bet you can!


Hi, I have great pics, but I want to put my email address in the pics so others can't use them / it gets me off

We don't allow people to put their email address in their uploads. This because spammers use this same method. We understand you want to be sure your pics aren't copied, to prevent this you can put your username in combination with adultism in your upload. Like: username @ adultism.com


Logging in

Help, I can't remember my username

If you're sure you already have an account but can't remember it anymore, please email us


What was my password again? I forgot it

You can go here to reset your password, it will be emailed to you


I entered the right username and password but I can't login

Please [go here](You can go here for more information: http://www.adultism.com/accthelp.php?pg=NoLogin) for help


I am trying to register, but my email isn't accepted, why?

Most likely due to the fact that you used this email to register an account before with us and that account is still active. Go to the Login Help page and Reset Your Password


I registered, but haven't received my verification email

Did you checked your spam folder? if you're sure you didn't got your email, go to your account settings and click on the "Resend verification email" button or contact us



My mailbox is full?

For regular members there is max of 100 messages you can store in your mailboxes (all mailboxes combined). To be able to continue to send/ receive messages, you have to have less then 100 messages stored. Gold Members have no mailbox limits and can send / receive unlimited messages. Even to users with a full mailbox


I want to send this hot girl / guy / couple a message, but the recipients mailbox is full!?

You can only send messages to users who don't have a full mailbox. As some users are very popular, we've created the option for Gold Members to 'burst' through any full mailbox. So gold members can always message other users, no matter of their mailbox capacity


I can't send messages, I get the notice I have to verify my email account, huh??

In order to have a fully functional account we want you to verify your email address. After signing up, you have received an email to verify your email address, please click on the link in that email to finalize the account setup. If you can't find the email, try checking your junk / spam folder.



Can I delete my account whenever I want?

YES!!! You can always have your account deleted, no questions asked. Just email us and we do it.


If my account is deleted, is everything gone?

YES!! everything you ever said, posted, uploaded, commented, voted etc at adultism.com is gone and deleted from our servers and databases.


Ooppsss.. I made a mistake and don't want my account to be deleted anymore

We're sorry, but once your account is deleted we have nothing to restore anymore, as everything is removed from our servers. You're more then welcome though to create a new account and enjoy the site some more.


Will you give or sell my email and/ or information to others?

Absolutely not, No, Nein, Nee, Njet, Non, ....did I mention no?


Can other users see my email address?

No we don't publish email addresses anywhere at adultism.com



I can't send any new friend requests?

Here is how the friend requests system works:

  • You can have max 30 pending friend requests.
  • If you choose, you can delete a pending friend request.
  • If an user received your friend request and ignored it. It is no longer pending, and you can't delete the request anymore
  • Ignored friend requests expire after 14 days.

You can send new requests if you delete pending requests or if the ignored requests are expired


How many friends can I have?

The maximum for regular member is 300, for gold members, it is unlimited.


Gold Membership

What will I see in my credit card statement?

If you decide to purchase a gold membership from our site, it will be described as DREAMCLUB on your credit card statement. Nothing more.


My credit card got declined??

Unfortunately, sometimes credit cards get declined for various reasons, such as: issuer doesn't allow foreign transactions, transaction is flagged as potential fraud, you're using a prepaid card or the Moon isn't perfectly aligned with Mars. We do offer alternative payment options like paypal though. Please contact us for more info.


I want to save the pics I like

Due to privacy reasons we have decided that only gold members are given the option to save pictures. This because there are numerous sites which just blatently copy all our pictures and present them as their own. By putting up an extra layer we're preventing this. So people who upload can be more secure their own images don't end up on other sites.


Are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely Not! With Adultism, what you see is what you get. We only charge the monthly subscription fee, that's it. We don't have so called 'cross sales' or upcharges. We strongly believe that honesty will last the longest.