Fat Pony ssbbw 4

Here is my lovely fat pony getting ready to go out on saturday night. I had to pester her for a few pics.
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This is Satanically ugly.
awesome 10
What a beauty she is. 10+
id poke you till you bled!!
plase post more pony
Wish you would carry on posting please :)

regards peter
you have to fisting She
when will we see more pics of pony
im lost 4 words
great pics can you take more belly shots of pony thanks
You look good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
If you don't like BBWs Go the hell some place else!

fatpony, albinowolf. great posts, lovely couple Thanks for posting !!!
Any race of human, as well as all animals on this planet, have a recessive gene for albinism. Hence, you can be black and albino. GET AN EDUCATION< MAN!!! You guys are dumber than a box of rocks, aren't you? Why is it that any idiot with a computer and a connection to the internet can become a worldwide asshole in no time flat? I liked it better when assholes lived in their own little worlds, and could only spread their mind pollution as far as they could reach with their puny little arms. Ah! Those were the days...
Albino black man? Is that the opposite of a Negro Caucasian man?
You called me a "wigger" and once again, it shows that you know nothing of the world, and much less about me. I am a BLACK ALBINO man. I am proud to say it, and all who have a problem with that... well, you know what you can kiss. BTW, I am proud to have Fat Pony by my side, and call her a friend and lover. She is a far better human being than you will ever have access to. Go get yourself an education and come back when you gain some SENSE.

White Wolf
Shavederic, you are the idiot who goes looking for pictures of fat chicks. I thought I was clear when I labelled the posts with "SSBBW". You CAN read, right? Therefore you came in here because you wanted to. Don't EVEN try to say there should be a special section, because you obviously know what you are getting into.Look at how many times you have come back. This makes it obvious to everyone out here that you like what you see, even if you do make negative schoolyard comments about people. Take heart though, once you grow up, you will put away such childish behavior.
Godfather, I could possibly give you the benefit of the doubt if your first comment hadn't been "get your fat ass out of the refridgerator". And yes while some very fat people are unhealthy and die from lack of care, it is not at all as simple an equation as fat=early death. Jim Fix, Mr. Jogging, dropped dead of a heart attack. Some very fat people live to ripe old ages. Most "concern" about health is just a smokescreen for good old fashioned hate mongering. And as for the other one, the world would be a slightly better place today if his mother had aborted him before he was born.
This is a health issue. I have worked in Emergency Medical Services and I have personally had to cut out a second floor window with a chain saw, nail two sheets of one inch plywood together, and use a ladder truck from the fire department to remove a morbidly obese person who died in their sleep, from their bedroom. It took over two hours, and people were lined up in the streets to view the spectacle. Is this really what you want to see in her future? You don't need to be a medical doctor to know how this will end. If you truly love her, then help her, and I know she will love you all the more. See, no hate, just good common sense.
Is that your professional opinion "Dr. eric"? You're not concerned about anyone, you're a fat hating bigot. "Fat women are disgusting to look at." So why did you come here to look in the first place? Why are you compelled to keep coming back to post insults?
And licenece3phil & thegodfather, same thing. . .what possible enjoyment do you get in leaving hurtfull remarks for someone who's had the courage to post naked pics for other people to enjoy? If you don't like the pics, don't look at them & move on!! People like you make this a less enjoyable safe place for everyone. In fact you make the world a slightly more cruel, mean place. Really something to be proud of guys.
shavederic, what the hell is wrong with you? are you so insecure the only way you can feel better about yourself is to insult & harrass & hurt total strangers who've never done anything to you? if you don't like somebody's pics, DON'T LOOK AT THEM. how would you feel if someone did this to your mother or wifer or sister of daughter? AlbinoWolf, you should report this guy to the administrators & get him banned.
FUCK YOU, shavederic. Go find a nice tight guy's ass for you to fuck. Leave us real folks alone. Post a few pics of yourself if your scurred little ass dares. Otherwise, shut the fuck up!

Albino Wolf said that shit
Thanks guys who find me attractive, I am kind of shy about posing, but i will get braver.....and Thanks again for all the support and cheers.......Now to the ASSHOLES that are so vocal and thought they have a right to post negative comments, but they still don't post pics of themselves......All I saw on their profiles are short, tinny, wienies.......I'm sure they cant even get a women to suck or touch their cocks......Poor babies.......GET A LIFE, LET ME LIVE MINE!
licence3phil , shavederic, TheGodfather ...Lifetime Members of the little penis club! What bunch of idiots! Quit with your bullshit comments! This lady is a fox! What a sexy belly she has!
Just for the record, chubby is cute, morbidly obese is life threatening. If you really cared about her you would not encourage her to look like that. She's a heart attack waiting to happen.
Thanks Albino Wolf & Fat Pony for continuing to post these wonderful hot pics. Ignore the rude jerks & their insults. They know NOTHING. Personally I think she's the hottest thing on this site. She has a magnificent sexy belly. Please keep showing it, & the rest of her gloriously fat body, off.
Here is some more advice from my momma, "get your fat ass out of the refrigerator"
Fat Pony rates a 10+!