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We got an e-mail and a photo from a guy her in NJ who said had a big thick nine inch cock and loved to be sucked off..he said he had never had a husband watch but it sounded exciting...he said he worked at the racetrack as a valet parker and had not come in a long time..he said his balls were about to explode...she looked at the photo andsaid lets meet him at the adult video ..I set it up with him....
she said she liked that place because of the glory holes in the boothes...

We ate some dinner at the state line right in front of the place and then went next door to check out our nine oclock appointment..there were only a couple of vehicles in the lot..we parked and went inside..we made our way past the clerk and went down the hall to the video boothes in the back..we were early..we went inside one and she sat down..it had holes on both sides..I put some money in the machine and the tv blurted on..ther was a woman with two big cocks sucking on one and then the other..a moment later someone came into the booth next to us...

He locked the door and started the video in that booth..I took a peek..he puled down his jeans and started playing with his big cock..it had a huge head and he had big hairy balls and thick veins on the shaft..I knew she would like this one....
I nudged my wife and she took a look..she gazed at his cock and said that it was the guy from the racetrack...she recognized his cock........

A moment later he pushed his thick cock through the hole in the wall..the big purple head was throbbing..she took hold of his cock and played with it and it got even bigger and harder..I watch m wife run her tongue up and down the shaft and then take the big cock head in her mouth..she lickedand sucked and kissed his big cock all over..I could hear him moaning on the other side of the wall..soon she had his cock glistening with her saliva in the light of the tv. I glanced down and someone was watching through the hole on the other wall...she sucked on his throbbing cock for a long time.and then he withdrew..I wondered what was going on now...he slipped a note through the hole asking us to meet him in viewing room A.
she looked at me and I said ok....

The viewing rooms are big rooms with benches and chairs and bigger screen televisions..we slipped out of the booth..we passed several guys playing with their cocks, out we went down to the viewing room A and tapped on the door..he let us in and I locked the door...he put a twenty in the machine and the tv blurted on....he stripped off all his clothes..he was in his twenties, thin and muscular, hairy chested and now very naked...she took hold of his big cock again and as she played with his big hairy balls she sucked and licked and kissed it all over..it was soon rock hard..
and even bigger...

I watched my wife suck the big cock for quite awhile..she tried t take all of it but it was just too big..my own cock was about to explode as she took several inches of his meat in her mouth and moved her head up and down and back and forth and even side to side..she had him up on his toes.
she stopped and smiled at me..he helped her out of her clothes and she sat down on one of the benches and he spread her legs wide apart and buried his face in her pussy...he licked and sucked and she moaned and groaned..he found her clit and attacked it..soon she was coming all over his face..he mad her come again and again savoring the sweet taste of my wifes cum......

Then he raised up licking his lips and aimed his hard cock at her wet pussy..she guided it in and slowly inch by inch he filled her up with his thick cock..he moved in and out slowly at first and then began thrusting harder and faster...she was groaning as he drove his cock all the way in and out of her his big balls slapping against her ass cheeks..she was loving it!!he did this for a long time and then suddenly pulled ot and spurted thick streams of hot cum all over her tits..his cum ran down her stomach as he shot off again and again...she squealed as his big throbbing cock just kept on spurting on her....I was grabbing handfulls of kleenex for her when his cock finally subsided...

He quickly dressed and left the room..the tv was still playing as she sucked on my cock awhile...then she got dressed and we went back to the video boothes again..soon she had a hard cock in each hand..she smiled at me...I could tell we were going to be here a while!!!
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