Wife pick up a black guy at a bar and fuck him while we gave him a ride home

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I noticed after a while she was dancing with this one very handsome dark skinned man, he was tall and had dreadlocks and was very well dressed and I could see by the way she was dancing she enjoyed how he danced. She asked if we could give him a ride to his friends house... When we got to the car I was driving since I was the sober one and my wife got into the front seat and our new friend got into the back seat. Before we could even make it out of the parking lot my wife said "well since we have such a long drive I guess I will have to entertain your new guest" as she crawled into the back seat. Before we made it to the freeway he had remembered that she had no panties on. There was quite a bit of foreplay, her sucking his cock and he played with her clit and let his fingers feel their way around her shaved pussy until he flipped her around and started fucking her from behind, that is when I grabbed the camera phone, sorry for some of the poor filming, I was also driving.
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Damn that was fucken hot just hearing her moan like that getting filled.
That was a GREAT ride
i wish my girl was into the idea of getting banged and filmed
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DAMN!!!!! you guys sure look fun ;)
may I ride in your car? she is so damned hot that she is out of most women's league...she is in a league of her own.......and I would love to be pounding her cunt like he is...........
I'm surprised they didn't set off the airbags with that hot fuckin.
That was pretty fucking hot.
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Tough to figure out the video but hearing her is a 10++
Love to have him fucking me balls deep bareback. YUMMY!
that was so hot, loved it, would love to have been there to tap that out too.
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No apology necessary could see her fine white pussy stuffed with BBC and him pounding her hard .Sure would like my turn inside thart fine hole. Keep it lets see more .how about some cu running out.