DP Fist time surely a new favorite pass time!

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Our dear friend helped us out here....how I waited so long to do this I have no idea.....so amazingly great....how many of you out there would like to help fill me up? This is a very natural and real video....I am a promoter of DP all the way!
Comments (26)
girl you love to fuck!!
next time we film....too busy doing dp!
been there done that
I LOVE DP. One in each hole or two in one--my favorite--the feel of another hard cock rubbing on mine while inside a hot babe is nothing but wonderful! Double cock for you, double cum to lick and suck from you and him!
That is what I have been wishin4..... I was thinking about you while this was going on...please make it happen!
great video, id love to make you moan like that
nice love the moaning hope you post more like this sounds like she loved it
yummy...but a bit dark though...I would love to have mounted her...like a well hung stallion and a lil filly....well maybe 2 stallions on your filly..;)
I would love to meet with the two of you. I'm 45 minutes west of Montreal.
do you have an email address where i can use to contact you? i cant send inmails:(
i'd like to dp you
From your squeals sounds like you had a great time
never done it but now i want to try.... sexy vid
I would love to be in that ass to my balls and bang you
very horny loved the moaning,if it had been lighter it would of been amazing hope you post more like this but next time turn the light on :)
wish vid was lighter hard to see but her taking gave me hard cock for her
definitely have to fuck when im done seeding beans :)..hot!!
Ok thanks for the feedback on the lighting folks...will bring a spot next time..promise...it was so great just wanted to share...I'll pull it off when I get a better film...now I need some volunteers near Montreal to make it happen!
great idea for a video......poor lighting and blurry camera make it impossibile to really enjoy though....but good idea none the less...
wel what is going on can u tell me it is very dark
Your next assignment is to buy lights and work out camera angles so we all can see the action that sounds so good instead of a fuzzy video of one guy's ass and another's leg. I would have loved to help you with that too.
If we lived within 30 miles of each other I would 110% be up to help fuck get both your holes fucked good.
I would definitely love to slide my cock inside you DP, hun :)
Looked like it could have been a really hot vid. Too bad that there was very little light to see.
love your ass!!
Talk about keeping us in the dark ,barely watchable