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Every few months, after a few glasses of wine my wife asks me to" put on a show".

She really gets off when I give myself a rough fast handjob. When this is done my cock is nice and slippery. So she starts working her cunt with a dildo and I slowly slide into her ass. As she puts the vibrations up to high,my cock gets hard as a rock in her ass.

This always ends up with a long hard session of double penetration where I am reaming her ass while she fucks herself with a vibrator. Sooner or later the vibrations get to me and I dump my second load of the session deep in her ass.

Her ultimate fantasy is to watch me give a rough hand job to another guy. When he is ready to shoot his load she wants me to hold his dick over her pussy and let it stream all over her. Then I would fuck her in the ass while she works the guy's cum into her pussy with the vibrator.

Let us know your comments and ideas - maybe I can convince her to turn the fantasy into a reality.
Posted in: Hand Jobs Tags: cream, cum, rough
Comments (12)
Sounds good for sure
nice load - id love to stroke that for you
Nice load! :P
Wow, Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Really enjoyed watching as I stroked my cock!!!! Thank you for posting this super hot stroking video
Nice load of cum there.
i'd do some man to man stuff w/ you and your wife!would be only 3x doing that
mmm creamy goodness
wow! what an amazing cum, hmmmm
nicely done, great story
nice Load!