Cumming for Elton

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My very good friend ELTON loves his women in pantyhose. I decided to dress in a red lacy night gown and a pair of pantyhose and masturbate for him. Hope you like it ELTON! Listen to me moan as I masturbate thinking about you wearing these pantyhose and coming for me. I sent you these pantyhose, can't wait for you to wear.
Comments (8)
I enjoyed wearing them after you had played in them and I did cum in them as you know
this one hot sexy friend for sure
If you make it worth my efforts
Damn Elton got you locked up .Any chance you would pee for me?
So awesome every time I watch it to think I sent to pantyhose to you and you masturbated in them and I get them all for me to play with smell and take care of business in
HOT! I'd love to sniff, wear, and cum in those hose.
Some hot and so awesome love this video made for me. I hope you make many more like this for me. Rock sexy.