Sperm donation via Natural Insemination

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I'm a natural sperm donor who has worked with around 30 women trying to get pregnant. Most women I have worked with are not open to doing videos, but Sarah was not only open to it but loved the idea. If you look closely you can see a drop of sperm leak out of her right after I pulled out. This was the second of three inseminations I gave her.
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Comments (7)
Did you end up getting her pregnant?
She’s a hottie!
Amazing!!! This is my dream!!!
Fill me, Fill me.
I loved it, excellent video.
Thanks for sharing.
While the video is only a couple minutes start to finish, we spent 15-20 minutes prior to this working up a big load and getting her CM flowing for best the swimming environment. I shot balls deep and held in until every drop was out as you can see, so no telling if this was the exact one that did it, but could be!!
So was that the baby maker load ?
Sexy video guys! Like the ink 2