BBW Manhandled and Used

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Previous to the video, I had been giving him a blowjob and he had removed my tights and my panties and molested me all over the hotel room :3.

We have a safeword. We have discussed hard limits. We have aftercare. He doesn't raise a hand to me outside of our play.
Posted in: BDSM Tags: spanking, slapping, blowjobs, bbw, bdsm, couple
Comments (11)
your a sexy girl!!!
A great cockn sucking mouth xxx
The dicks not small, I'm just big. Don't be an ass.
How the hell did you choke on that little dick?
I have a terrible gag reflex and he's afraid of getting puked on, that's why he's not forcing it lol. Cause... I kinda might have puked on him earlier >_>. I'm a bit of a wimp :P
taking it easy.... he is!
I would have filled your mouth and let you gag!
love to be your master to control you. you look good sucking on the cock and be nice to play with and slap your tits while you are sucking on the cock. hope to see you getting fucked
She deserves a much bigger cock.
Um... The point of this video iiiiis degradation. Duuuh :P Silly people can't learn how to just not watch things they don't like.
I don't think you need saving need to find another site ,
This is sick and apalling and degrading to all women .
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