Took shower today

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I noticed last night I had some stubble on my cock so shaved it up, want to be smooth for ladies. then after soaping up decided to jerk a load off, when I do it standing i loose my balance when I cum, but it was great
Posted in: Hand Jobs Tags: shower, masterbation, shaving
Comments (2)
love to have been there to clean you up
AWESOME AWESOMELY well done. Damn I wish YOU like to get BJ'S ???? I hate the taste of soap but would eat bars of it to get that SEXY HOT COCK between my lips. I LOVE all YOUR postings . The one of the inside of a PUSSY is beyond AWESOME. My mouth was wide open wishing I was in there as YOU had the CUM shot pour in her. She could set on my face after YOU filled her up. But I also LOVE the shot where YOU lay that BEAUTIFUL COCK on the edge of the sink . I'd still LOVE to have YOU lay back and let me suck YOU off.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the pictures and videos.