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After a nice session of sucking on my now very hard cock, she needed me to stretch open her tight wet cunt. As son as I was in her she began to masturbate and rub her delicious swollen clit. At the same time I gently fucked her and she quickly began to build up....
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I would love to play with her dripping wet pussy
Look, im going to leave this forum. id like to reach out to the community here- my long distance boyfriend told me about this site. weve been on and off for ahile. now he tells me of his deep love and me buying place for us in vegas. anyway, just sad for the woman above in the videos. its long distance and we have been in the throws of a highly intense 2+ year emotional affair. I had no idea anyone was in his life. Im shocked. i never even knew. He lives a double existance. And she deserves better. he told me im the only one he touches. sad.so sad. ,
deep pussy ..coño hondo
Very nice video! Would love to do the same to her! ;)