Love having her pee on my cock to make me cum

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We love to play being peed on an she loves doing it knowing how much it gets me off. sorry its a little dark....cell phone video.
Posted in: Watersports Tags: pee, watersports, goldenshowe
Comments (12)
How about I suck YOUR GREAT COCK as she pees on both of us
i'd like both of you to pee on me
Peeing on mine would sure make me come BIG!
Loved it but I'd rather be inside her and feel it's warmth dripping off my balls and running round my anus, now that get's he really hard and throbbing!
oooh yeah! *blazing* hot and horny!!!! (it's not the camera device, it's the angle of the light ;-) lol)
i want to suck your cock after she pisses on it
Wow i would love it if you pissed on my it when i am riding and she pulls my cock out and pisses on it and when finished she shoves it back up her fuck hole to continue riding,,,,please post more...
thank u everyone...we will b posting more. and yes with more light
Great post. I love pee games. Please, next time, have better lighting and stationary cam. Very, very hot.
Holy crap that looks so fucking hot! It made me hard!
I would love to have her pee in my mouth
I actually think this is pretty hott - nice post