Working out a load

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Just a great hand/blowjob love to hear comments from bi men and ladies
Posted in: BlowJob & Cumshots Tags: load, handjob, cum
Comments (13)
Oh baby you really know how suck his good looking cock! I loved the slurping sound you make. And I really love seeing you tease his balls! I love having my balls and ass teased and played with. But I especially liked the way you milked that delicious load out of him. Yummy!
a good load should never be wasted
Love watching this, Awesome sounds, very erotic!
I`d like to help her suck you
I like how she keeps her pinky finger raised. Very good manners. Oh, the blowjob was great.
Perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting this hot sexy video
Damn she is good! skilled mouth, me next?
would luv her to be sucking on my cock while i suck his very nice cock
Not bad at all, was a little disappointed that the load was wasted :(
wonderful blow job she can do me next
she is wonderful, definitely a great cocksucker. I would love to be there helping her
Good Girl and Nice Load too :)
Oh wow what a blow job. loved the way she tickles your balls with her nails, you must have been hitting the ceiling, and that long drawn out sucking of your helmet was so sexy, how did you survive that long. The slurping noises nearer the end when she tipped her little pinky up made me so hard and I came about the same time as you. Thanks for sharing