Hubby joins in

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hubby being a good cuck shaved us both and joined in
Posted in: Cuckold Tags: cuckold, action, 3some
Comments (12)
fantastisch, I love this
I would love to do this to you while you fuck my wife! I want to hold and squeeze your balls and make you shoot your seed into her ferilte pussy! Would love to suck your superior cock and get you hard, then clean my wife off of your big cock with my mouth, and taste you both together!
nothing hotter then putting another cock in the wifes pussy
is hubby going to clean you both up after with his tongue?
It is a joy to fluff for my wife and hold their cocks up so she can sit down on them and enjoy them, milking the cum from them with her wet, horny pussy. I am allowed to hold their balls in my mouth and lick their shaft as she fucks them to completion. Of course, I must lick them both clean when she is done with them.
just need sound
So beautiful and erotic for a man to help the woman fuck like that. First sucking the superior cock and then helping and examining the superior cock as he fucks her cunt. Clean up is very important after the cock squirts his fuck slime up the cunt.
nice one
That is way too fucking hot...thank you for sharing
Lucky guy gets some of that hot pussy! Lucky hubby gets to give a hand. Love to be either one of them! I'd happily give you BOTH a hand and mouth! Love to see hubby licking both of you clean as he shoots a hot load up that cunt! Cleanup is fun!
she needs a cock up her asshole as well 10
Fantastic! 10*