For Deena

For a beautiful and caring woman.
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Stew, I am sorry your tribute became a battleground against the rancid one. 1xecowboy
DAMN well put.
hi deena....this is truknights...thanks for the beautiful thoughts and smile...your friend
Fair enough Ron. You say you are a musician? well a musician is just a poet who sets their words to music. Instead of rapping on Ratbag for his poem to Deena here is a chance for you to redeem yourself with all of us. You write a poem to Deena also and no schlock either. You up to the challenge?
What a wonderful tribute ! Very touching and very nice of you to do it!
STEW,,I can first hand and personally tell you and every body else here that you have got Deena pegged. I just got home this morning from the hospital after being in there since May 5th when i was in an auto accident. Deena posted one of her special posts for me and when i saw it, i knew i am lucky to have a friend like her. She is truly an angel. Stew, if i could get to you right now, i would hug your neck. Deena always puts others ahead of her self. And she always has a kind word and knows what to say when your feeling down. Thank you STEW, and Thank you DEENA.... Chantell~~
I was being a bit tongue in cheek earlier, offence taken
LOL @ Ron Rancid
Bravo Ratbag!!! A great tribute!
I wrote this for Deena to give her recognition for the joy she brings by posting her pix, and for the kindness and caring she shows for others. I did it the only way I knew how, with words from the heart. Enjoy Deena. Luv
Obviously Karib you only post comments and not read the comments and responses of others. That is a VERY wonderful tribute to one of the class acts here. Unfortunately the author is blocked out by the Worldsex watermark. Who wrote this please?
Hmm.. so u know all that about her from a few amateur pics in here? Wow!!