A stud is a man of any age or race blessed with a superior level of skill in acquiring and bedding scores of women. The term stud, as applied to a human male, gets its origins from animal breeding, where the stud male, usually a horse, is used almost exclusively for selective breeding due to its desirable physical characteristics and lineage. While procreation is not usually a factor in a man’s status as a stud, his ability to attract a mate and always be ready to perform most certainly are. A stud is usually very attractive and well endowed, and never seems to have any trouble getting women to flock to him and his bedroom. Sometimes also known as a man whore or player, a stud is rarely without female company, often finding scores of willing women everywhere he goes. A stud, in addition to being good looking and charismatic, is highly skilled sexually, boasting both prowess and stamina. It is perhaps most men’s greatest ambition to be referred to as a stud. Men assigned the status of a stud are usually exceedingly proud of it and enjoy reveling in its benefits. Once a man earns the title, his reputation alone can bring the ladies, as most women would seek out the opportunity to bed a handsome, reportedly virile man that would leave them exhausted and satisfied in the morning. And a stud is usually more than happy to oblige her and keep adding notches to his bedpost.

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