Adios Bifman2

Hello All ! This is more than likely our last post for awhile. With Summer being here, and lots of things to do, we are finding it hard to post to the site. For all of the Submitters, and Commentators who have been here as long as we have, Thanks for a good time so far! We will hopefully return soon at the end of the Summer with more new pics to submit. That is, if the site is still an Amateur site :( So if you have any requests or desires, let us know now..
For all of the Fakers, and Rip Off Artists out there, We hope you have fun! Whatever it is that you get out of posting Fake crap, we will never understand..... To all of the real people (too many to list) keep having fun if you have the time. We look forward to our return, and the many new and old people that are still here! Cheers! Brent & Dee
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Hi there BD, I cant stop looking at those big breasts, that unique ass and the supersooker cumshot! And besides all that you are really nice people! Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow
Hi there, This is super horny. Please send me more at
have a good summer!
Great set of pix to go out with. Have a great time and keep snappin those pix for when you return.Gonna miss those beautiful breasts.
Have a great summer guys, going to miss your fantastic pics and all your comments too. All the best ;0)
to hell with the votes (WE) know the (REAL) score LOL A Little PLAYTIME
So sad that we actually just watched the votes that lowered our posting. Good luck to all of you that are real! And thank you for all of the nice comments! By the way, it took 11 - 1 votes to sink our posting. What fun!
Glad your Going. CYA !!
you all may be in some kinda click, I dont know, but ALL OF YOU, Karen, Kelli Deena, Brent/Dee have made for some GREAT pics, and look forward to seeing much more of all of you, keep up the GREAT PICS, and work have a great summer Brent and Dee and hurry back
You two, and Kelli inspired me to let my man post me/us on here to find other open minded couples, and swingers in ohio, I LOVE THIS SITE, and will keep posting during your vacation away, you two have fun, keep having a great time and life, and if you ever get to columbus ohio kum2karen and see me:) xoxoxoxo Karen /
Have fun Brent and Dee. I am sure you will. Gonna miss your hot pics.
Dont be gone for to long. We will all miss you guys.
Always excited to see you guys post!
wow great pics have a great summer and i hope you make lots of new pics to post when come back love that cum shot. and love those perfect tits
Looking forward for your return. Seems like all the good ones are leaving. At least you are coming back. Have a great summer Love Chantell
Hey Karib, epinaer, thanks for your compliments! And Daisa, we noticed your comments on another post of ours a while back as well. Thank you! Where are your posts? Let us know...
Looks like u saved the best til last..thanks for all ur posts :)
thats great!! lovly bj,very nice tits and a got shot in this nice face!! i hope we see more !! i give you only a 10 +++++++!!!!!!!!!!!
luv the facial, any more?