Man??? :-)

Thats me, I am always shaved at the whole body and find lady dresses very beautiful. I dress gladly as a woman, therefore :-))))
Ich bin immer rasiert und mag Frauenklamotten. Wer noch?
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Why is it that the majority must put effort into learning about the minority? Why is it the many must look elsewhere so the few can stay here? Why don't the hand full of CD's here just go to a site what will embrace their fetish, why should we leave? And what's there to learn about CD's we don't already know. Most of them who have wives or girlfriends are really cuckolds. Their women are the ones who go to bars and clubs to look for real men. Then they laugh at them while they lick their cum filled pussies while wearing panties and thigh highs. So the next time you go down on your woman, and she seem hot, wet and ready for you, she's actually just been fucked by a real man and you are just getting sloppy seconds.
As fun as our friendly banter has been, we are getting nowhere (as expected), so I am not convinced my time is well-spent going in even more circles. It becomes increasingly obvious that not one of you has bothered to put any serious effort into learning about the nature of crossdressing since most of your comments do not apply to the majority of such folks. A couple of comments, however.

You (godfather, shvederic, and luckystud) seem to think this site is for essentially any manifestation of sexual behavior except crossdressing. Gay men seeem to be OK. I haven't seen any of you bashing italomen that I recall, for example. Why are heterosexual men that crossdress unacceptable? (Personally, I am bisexual, though not actively - I haven't had a dick in my mouth for 35 years. I am in a long-term (over 30 years) monogamous heterosexual relationship. This does not sound like "I hate my gender".)
I also recall nothing in the rules that precludes crossdressers. In fact, the only non-administrative comment from admin on ANY posting I've seen was on a group of serious drag queens that said something like "nice post as usual", though I don't recall the exact words or the poster. If you do not like the way the administrator runs this, find another site, or start your own.

Finally, no shvederic, I don't "run to my thesaurus" to concoct these ridiculous missives. (I do occasionally check my spelling, however.) For whatever reason, I have a moderately respectable vocabulary stored in my warped mind. At least I admit my mind is warped, which is more than I can say for the three of you.

So, bidding you adieu (though I might put in an occasional appearance), I'll go back to tossing my cookies looking at cum-covered tits and pussies and faces, and you can continue jerking off over your clever recriminations of the transvestites. Enjoy!
Woobers, you make a valid point. You may like classical music, and I may like Hip Hop (which I don't) but I don't tune to the classical station and expect to hear Hip Hop. Or force that type of music down the throats of the people who tune to that station for classical. As is the case here, most of the folks here don't want to see transvestites. If that' is your thing, then tune to a station that plays that sort of fetish music. (so to speak) I don't only comment on the crossdressers, I make many comments on posts here. Don't confuse piercing's, tattoos, or even the 'rubber man' with gender bending. Yes, they may be fetishes, but in the end, they are still men and women (usually) and live their life as such. If they feel they must dress up as a women, go for it. But do it in a forum that will embrace that type of behavior, not here.
Godfather: Just because I like classical music, and others like hip-hop (or other forms of "popular" music) doesn't mean I think the others are "sickos" or "delusional" or "stupid" or any of the other insults that are commonly tossed at the crossdressers. Similar comments could be made about innumerable aspects of human experience. I certainly realize that not everyone has the same aesthetic sense that I do, but I do not feel driven to deride those who do not agree with me. Why do you? THAT is the key question.
We always come back to the question of why there are a certain few visitors to this site that obviously make a point of seeking out the crossdressers just to complain. If you don't like it, don't look. I don't make a point of following all the folks with pierced nipples, labia, and penises that post here so I can lambast them with my opinion of that particular "fetish", (if fetish it is). When I find a picture that would be really nice except for the bolts or studs or pins poked through the flesh, I usually just move on. (A couple of times I have made a comment that the pic would be really nice except for the piercing, but that's all.) I think you (and others of similar behavior) are not very courteous, but maybe that's a remnant of mah Suthun upbranging. As the contemporary colloquialism says: "Chill out, Dude!"
Don't flatter yourself woobers. You freaks are so delusional. Just because you think these sicko's look pretty in pink, doesn't mean that's how others feel. You guys lust look stupid. If you really want to know what is a sad way to enjoy life, it is you perverts who have to hide yourselves indoors, dress up like women, take pictures of yourself with your dick tucked between your legs, and expect the rest of the normal people here to say how pretty you look. So don't give me your bull shit about our 'perverse' need to comment on your 'normal' behavior. Dumb ass.
That's it, woobers!
Nice skirt.

I'll bet if all the crossdressers that post here did indeed go elsewhere, those who consistently criticize them and complain about their presence would be surfing THAT site, since they obviously have some perverse need to find fault with those that don't fit their concept of "manhood". What a sad way to try to enjoy life.
you look really nice
genau das mag ich auch...10
Just what this site needs, another "mommy didn't love me, and daddy was mean so I'll dress in my sisters clothes so they notice me" type. Frankly, I think you freaks are the same 2 or 3 that post here, you just have multiple profiles. You look like a freaking idiot!