Woman or Man?

i know, not all user in this portal are pleased about this pics.
but, give a chance all the horny people!!!
search for people with same thinking
Meiner einer war mal wieder im hobbykeller :-)
wer hat spass dran und ist interessiert an bilder- und ideentausch? oder vielleicht mehr? suche gleichgesinnte.
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What ever happened to the good old days, when guys would post and the women would say "nice cock" or "cute ass" the girls would post and the guys would say "nice tits" or "nice shaved pussy"? Now we're infested with confused, pathetic little crossdressers who want us to "give it a chance". Give it a chance to do what? Convince us it should be acceptable, that "hey, you're right, I want to wear my mother's clothes too. Let's all dress up like a bunch of little girls and the world will be a better place. I don't think so. Be a man and not a cuckold sissy.
Definately a man, but turning me on so much! 10/10 for u
The primary commenters know my position. 10 on general principles. I wish the last photo wasn't so blurry at full-size, however.
nobody who isn't a woman can ever be a woman. Any crossdresser, or transexual, is just that .. the transition cannot be made.
who are we to judge?
hey, whatever gets you off is OK
I agree eric!
Easy: Got a Dick, it's a Man!
You're a SICK SHIT...
Well for my part I rather like this set of pics even though C/D's isn't really my thing - gotta be a 10 for the effort put in shaving all over surely?
who cares nice ass to eat
No woman .. no man !!! POOOR !!
would like to see some cum on those pantys