Sugar&Spice: pt 6

Here's some more for this week. I look forward to your continued support and praise. For those of you who requested color shots, you have my permission to email your requests to me You must tell me why you think you deserve it; or better yet, what it is about yourself that would make me want to spend my time doing you a favor. Worthy slaves will be well rewarded. If you like the sugar more than the spice, you can request those in color too. Same rules apply..Now I command you to vote "10"...
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Comments (5)
You can be my mistress anytime... simply gorgeous
Im the boss in our place,an I dont take orders from no sheilah my girlfriend said Im allowed to say so
I have never wanted a mistress but I do now.
I dont think there is anything I wouldnt do!!!!!
I would bark for you baby