To Deena from Chantell

Deena I want you to come back, and i want to apologize for hurting you. You know i did not want to go away. I do not want you to go away either. Neither does all the ones here who love you, and you know i love you. Please come back and Please email me...Love Chantell
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No one ever said what the problem was. A few guesses here and there...hear say. So no one is airing it in public. What Chantelle said was she was sorry! I got the impression she was unsure from the start that she was even the source of the controversy. You know this is the only truely interactive Amature Adult site I know of....Free speech dearies...go look at pics and stay away from the flowers and be horny dogs all your lives. I hope your existance is just cuming in your hand for a long time to cum. Now ladies...get past all this and get back to what you discovered have you seen lately what they have to pic from?
Just goes to show the rest of the world how human we truly are. I came here like so many of us to look at nudity and instead found humanity. Iam impressed and moved. It`s not all about sex, it`s also about love.
Oh and by the way we all feel like family here so when one leaves, it hurts
Deena, plain and simple you are WSA,come back and if all the people like Deena leave all you WILL be looking at is flowers so lighten up guys,we love you Deena
A lot of private emails to Deena is probably OK...a fair attempt at best. To publically announce loyality as a group is a much louder voice. When you are sorry do you whisper? Or do you speak clearly? Shout louder...Deena...can you hear? And you better not be cryin and if you are be happy all these folks give a damn. c/s daisa
Deana please come back to us. we love ya and miss ya so much. no offence to the other women on here but you are that most beautiful person that has posted here. your smile britens my day whenever i see your pics, so please remember all the folks that want you back and thanks you
Dave the kid, go stick ur head up ur arse!
I miss you too Deena. Look for your pix everyday. Will my search be rewarded???
Deena, i´m looking for ur pix everyday in WSA - 10
Deena... you are missed - you are a very classy lady, with a wonderful spirit.... your smile does brighten each day you post...
i love to see deena come back too.. to see that sexy body and pretty please come back again:)
Hartattack if you knew the situation you would understand
Deena i started to post my pics on here for you, but i decided to wait and see if you wanted to do it. I decided to do this instead. I know i was wrong and i had the wrong ideas in my head. I am soo sorry and i am so sorry it took so long for it to click in my mind. U got to remember tho that i am blond,,, and that speaks for itself. Please come back and to answer your question for Cordell, it is a kiss hello just like it always was. Chantell~~