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Some new of me
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Hi at all

here are some new pics of me....hope you enjoy
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I´m new here
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A friend told me about this site and so i searched the web and found it. and what i saw, makes me extrem hot. so i post some pics of me and hope that you all like them. if there is an big breast lover who likes my tits, cum please on my pics. i will be thankfull ;o)
please write many hot comments and messages. i will try to answer all of them!
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Mutual masturbation
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Our first post here. The end of a very long session with my gorgeous wife.
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Second Collection
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Here are more pics from our collection as well as some requests from close friends. Thank you for the very positive comments on our last post and am excited to read the comments for this collection. Hope you all enjoy.
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My lovley toy
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Play with my best friend
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My hot wife
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We love to exchange pictures with other girls and couples, have cybersex with her, but what really crazy my girl are tributes
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What a big cock my plumber has
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I loved it!! and he fixed my drain. I called the plumers and told them my drain was backing up again, could you please send that handsome French plumber with his long snake to snake my drain pipes? He did.
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Boobies!!!!! :P
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K guys and are a few much requested pics for you all...Hope you like 'em! ;) xoxo Tami
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Playing outdoors
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Hot pics of Tash playing outdoors in the summer, even with a little pee
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Private photo shoot
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I was horny knowing everyone would see these photos
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People wanted to see my asshole and m...
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Just some randoms taken a while back
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Wife showing tit's in bath
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Our first post so please be kind,im sure good coment's will give her more confidence to show more...
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Doing it with strangers 4
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Yes, Hiroshi is taking photos while I meet these guys. Hiroshi is quite a photographer. We would love to trade pictures with couple /female.( Guys, no solo cock photo please.) Cumshot-on-Mai's-photos/CP screen -pictures are always welcome
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When Danny ran out of chips..
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We told him he would have to show his cock if he lost. He said he would only if we would.
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Up close & personal
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Sloppy wet cock &ball sucking... then we fuck & cum
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Little barrel, very good tasting wine...
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Lucky to find her...
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Wichsen in wanne
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Ich war in der Wanne und mußte mir ein wichsen
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Anja Again
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just some pics from my last journey to Poland...
Love your comments guys and all the ones who sent me back the photos with their cum... thanks
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Jade...Spring or Sproing?
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Full spring here in the south...time for some color...Yellow, Blue and then Pink.
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My husbands puckered cock
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My husband has a puckered cock. Although small it is fun to play with and watch him cum. Do any other women have husbands with clit sized cocks. If so do you like it? I would like to hear comments.
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