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Wife Dressing
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Milf body
bizkit131  nice!!!
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Me me me me me me
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Me me me
bizkit131  i love redheads
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I'm horny and want more tributes
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Send me a tribute and tell me what you would do to me if we where alone, then show me how big your load was on one of my pics. Sooo hott ;)
bizkit131  that is a juciy looking pussy
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Biker slut
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Love putting Katie in tight revealing outfits... this one is a leather biker jacket
We LOVE hearing your dirty comments...
bizkit131  very nice!!!!
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Enjoying my new toy
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Got a fantastic surprise in the post today when my new butt plug arrived. Just had to try it out straight away and of course record it for all my fans. Hope you enjoy video as much as I did making it. Tell me your ideas for next video. I'm getting so wet reading all your fantastic comments, keep them coming and I'll keep cumming for you to view
bizkit131  i volunteer for clean up services
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Would you fuck me?
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Tell me what you think of me, and what you'd do to me, be honest.
bizkit131  yep!
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My wet pussy 2
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bizkit131  You are a fucking goddess!
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Enlarged Clit
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Ladies this is a must read: over the past 3-4 months I have been applying liquid cypionate testosterone just a droplet on my clitoris daily, It has increased the size of my clit 3 times what it was and making it extremely sensitive
As you can see in the video just how large it got to be and yes it will shrink some but the majority is permanent
I now have very explosive orgasms the best it ever been my entire life.
Guys you love it
bizkit131  yummy
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Clit play number 2
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Yet a closer view of my enlarged clit, No I do not use a vacuum pump to make it larger, see previous video story line of how I made my clit larger
Ladies please tell me what you think would you do it if the option was available to you
Yes I had to shave my pussy hair so I could apply the treatment easier
No panties do not irritate my clit I have gotten use to it, it did at 1st
bizkit131  damn so suckable
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Denise with her big clit popping out
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Denise has an amazing clit and loves to masturbate while i watch and then join in for more fun.
bizkit131  fucking awesome
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Fucking my waxed cunt
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K......a small video clip from which I posted some stills earlier..........I'm STILL confused as to who can see vids here.....I know I can't?!......

Anyways if you can watch I hope you enjoy!

The sun is shining outside and I've been nude all day! I LOVE Nude Sundays! LOL

My cunt is dripping, my cunt flaps and huge and engorged, my fuck hole is gaping, my clit is like a bullet.....perfect!!

BTW I know the sound is out of sync! happens every time I upload a vid here. No idea of the cause......hope it doesn't spoil it
bizkit131  fantasic! instant hard-on
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My open cunt
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A little gallery where I've tried to fulfill several you'll find 1) Me opening my cunt 2) Close ups of my tits 3) Me fingering my arse 4) Squirting.........I aim to please!

God I feel like such a whore...... and love it!! My fuck hole is wide open right now as I upload
My cunt is absolutely soaked. I want to talk dirty and act even dirtier! HeHe!

Love Alice XX
bizkit131  fan-fucking-tastic
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You know who this is for!!
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Lucky boy!!!
bizkit131  damn, just jizzed all over my screen!!!
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Me in all my glory ;)
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Thought id share some shots my bf took of me
bizkit131  nice ass
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Feeling a little horny...
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Grew a little bushy, hope you guys don't mind! >///<
bizkit131  don't mind at all
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Crotchless pantyhose
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I have to say I love wearing these things (crotchless Pantyhose that is) In fact any undies that are crotchless is fine by me. I even wear them to the office sometimes. I especially like wearing these with a mini-skirt when I go out at night to bars. Opening up my legs just as that guy or girl might be looking in my direction. If they're into, they keep looking for the rest of the night, which makes for a pretty darn hot night. Also, the look on the Valet driver as they open my door is priceless just as I uncross and get out of the car. I think you guys will know what I'm talking about.
bizkit131  fucking outstanding
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Striptease (part 2)
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The 2nd part of Monday nights striptease. These are the most daring pics Mrs S has posted to date so we hope you all enjoy them. All comments and likes are very much appreciated and really does help with wanting to post more pictures and definitely helps make all of this worthwhile
bizkit131  nice