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Sex: female, looking for male
Age: 50 years old
Location: United States
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I am a Single Mom who is tired of the dating scene, Who has time for all that with a child these days. Tried all the dating sites what a joke. I simply what to meet someone who can come over when needed and rock my world for a few hours. No dating no hangups no strings and no issues. My mom would kill me but those are the facts, Okay now where are all the hot Richmond Virgina Men? Speak Up! If your in the age range of 30 to 40 that would be nice.
I have a daughter who is 9. She is My World. So I am very serious here with my page here. I am tired of having guys in her life that come and go. So it will not happen again. So if your my new friend you will simply be that person who I have a nice time with and we part ways until next time. Not looking for dinner or dancing or trips just that simple fwb relationship and that is it. It sounds bad even writing this but I am serious. I am ready to be pleasured.