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Seeing spots..
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How can I get this to stop?
DickCrotch  Reading a book with moist panties & a finger in your mouth is mega fucking HOT!!!
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She called me "Micro Tits"
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One of the members told me I should change my member name to "MicroTits." I think she meant it in kind of a nice way. I know I'm not very well endowed, but at least I'm not getting the hurtful comments about my teeth anymore.
DickCrotch  Ignore the haters. You're sexy to me. Nice legs & butt. I love the stockings & bush too
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Hi, I'm Amy..  I'm camping alone tonight
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I camp here by myself a lot.. but I get lonely and don't know what to do.. can you help me out? my nipples are starting to ache
DickCrotch  You are a very seductive & sultry woman. Love the sit down pic with hands behind head. I wish I was Tarzan right now. I'd swing down from the trees like a wild man beast to make sweet love sex to my "Jane"
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My Pussy For Free
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pix for a contest with bisandra
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Like posing
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But not naked. hope you like it
DickCrotch  You are very pretty & your posing is sexy. Cute butt too. I'd like to see you in a black mini skirt/dress & nylon stockings. Mmmmmmmmmmmm