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My First Display
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i've never done this before but really enjoyed myself!
If you enjoy let me know and i'll do some more
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Wanking for Kaz part 2
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A little dirty fun with my gorgeous slut woman...taking a load
dinkidik  that tongue is amazing, great work
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Happpy New Year
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Wishing everyone on Adultism a happy new year...Just a few pics to keep you going until we get chance to take some more...
dinkidik  Wow hot hot hot. That smile, those eyes, those tits, Hell I'd better go do something about this erection!!!!!
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Why is it so small
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I just wish my cock was bigger
dinkidik  Hey I got one like that, its given me hours of endless fun!!!
we're just like those statues of ancient Greeks
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Am I too nerdy?
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oh god i love my titties played with so much! i can cum from tit play alone (especially with a dick in my mouth and heavy balls on my chin)