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Sex: male, looking for couple
Age: 74 years old
Location: United States
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Fucking hot pussy, sucking the pussy before, during and after fucking. Sucking the cock clean or just sucking him off while the wife watches him get off in a guys mouth. MM, MF or FF couples in any combination are welcome Single guys or gals fine too. Contact me and lets have some fun sucking and cuming!
Couples are great fun. DP and DV are wonderful things. Let me lick it clean no matter if you are male or female. Please feel free to contact me on here if you want to play. I live in the panhandle of Florida if you would like to meet and have some fun fucking and sucking. Gals, guys or couples are welcome! Sure hope you folks out there contact me. I love chatting and email exchanges too! Guys or gals send me pics!