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The slut wife of my cousin, playing w...
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The wife of my cousin
GeekySex  love to see more of her
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Prefer me hairy or shaved?
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Me in the bathroom with a big bush and creaming my small tits...
GeekySex  shaved and wet of course ;-)
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Taking time out to show my boys a new trick I learned on the couch,lol.
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Second album hope you like
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Hi :) just trying to learn to take photos of myself
GeekySex  love to see more of that ring ;)
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Future hotwife first  time post.
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Pictures of my wife of 15 yrs 2 kids. Professional by day would like her to be sl&&ty at night. She doesn't think she is hot. I disagree
How do i get her put of mommy funk and into sexy wife got toys etc etc
There picture were taken after shopping for sexy.revealing outfit and shoes. She doesnt like to dress up. ,shoes hurt etc. I am trying to receive feedback to build up her confidence and sexuality. I want her to feel desirable to BF or BBC. Be a MILF and if she flirts/date great . She is very conservative .To conservative for me . Please tell us what you think ? In nice ,classy slutty kinda way.
GeekySex  Id wear it out... ;-)
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Camera hates my fatty ass.. u2?
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I'm loving your attentions.. and hearing your desires for me. but isn't my ass kinda big?
GeekySex  Nothin wrong with that ass ;-)
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After work
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2 guys from work,dying to go out with me.Finally gave in.This is what I wore,and what I wore underneath.Think I got laid?Lets just say I spent a lot of time in the last pictures position.
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Cute latin wife shows her hot body at...
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Upsetting the town asking for Mrs. Brown
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My latin wife
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Who wants my wife ass
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My best girlfriend
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Her name is Stefanie and her boyfriend do not know anything about this pictures. so she asked me if i post them on my profile. when her pics getting many comments she will post some more. so come on guys!!!!
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Im open wide 4 ur pleasure
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My friends took these after they abused my pussy:) what do u think of them?
GeekySex  wish i was one of those friends ;)
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New ones of me for you
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Here you go people I really hope you enjoy it! Let me know!
GeekySex  oh my
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Close ups and spread
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4 all u white guys wanting spread and close up.
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18 years and 1 day old.
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Took these a little over a yr ago.Day after I turned "legal"
GeekySex  daymn!
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Because you asked, other post
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No story, gentleman have asked for more. I wanted to be accomodating.
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Come to me
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What would you like to do with me ?
GeekySex  use and abuse you day n night..mmm