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Smoking after cumming
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One more tropical night
Havasmoke  She is one hot smoker! So beautiful and sexy smoking that cigarette!
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I like Smoking Fetish
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I post urls which are not allowed
Havasmoke  Loved it! Wish it was my dick in your pussy while we shared smoky kisses!
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Friend gave my wife a bit more than s...
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We were partying with a friend of mine who my wife once told me she had fantasized about. After quite a few drinks, of course the topic came up. She was a little embarrassed and he was at first incredulous. Later (after I told him to go for it), he placed her hand on his crotch and asked her if he could feel her beautiful lips on his cock. To my surprise, she immediately said yes, unzipped his pants and went for it. By the time I got my camera, she was shirtless letting him face fuck her with his big dick. She took it well but told me later she had a hard time not choking from his forceful thrusts. He shot a huge load all over her mouth and face and she nearly gagged... it made me so fucking horny seeing my wife get face fucked like that!!
Havasmoke  What a gigantic load. She's got a lot of talent not to gag on that much cum.
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Long distance cuckold
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My friend filled me up while my husband was away on business. Before leaving, hubby said I should fool around and send him pictures (he loves watching me with others for some reason? So I sent him a small sexy closeup of our session, and he surprised me by sending back a video of him masturbating to it in his hotel room. Loved it!! I guess I'm a very lucky gal. :)
Havasmoke  That was so hot. He must have been really aroused -- he came without touching his cock. She was getting a great fucking. Her cum was being squeezed out of her pussy. I'll bet she got filled with a gallon of cum!
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Just us having fun with some nice cocks
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Me and hubby enjoying some nice cocks, both bi so it works so well, I love watching him get a nice load in his ass
Havasmoke  Wow, do you really like getting fucked in the ass? Does your wife enjoy watching you take it in your ass? So outrageous!
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Annes cream pie
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First two pics taken a few weeks ago. Rest taken are a bit older. Love all of your comments. Anne loves it when pics are posted back to her with cocks on them. Even better when they are cum covered.
Havasmoke  Love seeing that semen run out of your vagina. Love to have sloppy seconds!
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Jenny Smoking
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Hello, I am new to this site and I wanted to add a few pics of myself to this site to see where it goes! I am an exhibitionist and a smoking fetishist and this is my first time going all out and posting something like this! I am TOTALLY into the smoking fetish and I LOVE to watch females smoke cigarettes especially when they do not know that I am watching! These pictures were taken by my ex-boyfriend on several occassions over the past few years, but it turns out that he is not into the smoking fetish like I am! I sure hope that you are! What I want to see is YOU print these pictures out and cum all over them and then repost them on this site (and other sites too if you wish!)
Havasmoke  You are very sexy. I love a girl that smokes!
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Bi female in Ohio
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Set for you smoker fetish's xo Karen
Sparkey3331 ? you got mail hon, tell me.
Havasmoke  You look so hot smoking that cigarette!
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Threesome creampie
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Met up with a new 'friend' packing 8 inches in a local hotel. Wife got filled nicely to the brim with cum which I got to play in & sample. Sloppy seconds on tap followed by some nice play. Enjoy!!! Feedback is appreciated.
Havasmoke  He did a good job spunking up that cunt!
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Do You Like Me??
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Here are some pictures of me! Please enjoy them and send me some nice posts with my pics full of your cum and your fantasies...
Hier sind ein paar Fotosvon mir! Bitte genieße sie richtig und schick mir nette Mails mit meinen vollgespritzten Fotos und deinen Gedanken...
Havasmoke  Love you with that cigarette!