Pending friend request
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Bareback double gangbang II
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Well, the two Milfs didn't leave any hole unused and enjoyed every stroke and shot of hot, warm cum from our cocks. They went home completely filled and satisfied. And hubby liked it a lot.
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Blindfold challenge
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My husband wants to offer me blindfolded. Give him ideas about who should be invited. He will choose among your proposals (maybe it is better because I think he has very dirty ideas...) Do I have to know after who was the lucky one?
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**Sunny Day**
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Nothing like tanning naked! :)
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Ready for action
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Views: 11914  Commt: 50 or out of her lingerie
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Was used by a couple at the weekend
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Master gave me to a couple as there sex toy
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Few cock in my mouth
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I hope you ll like...
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First threesome
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First time a threesome, some years ago. It was fun en now we are addicted!
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Outdoor fuck
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...its summer...and we spend a lot of time outdoors.....just watch BJs, anal and facials :-) feel free to comment
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Close pin time fun with my big breast...
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My friend D is true kinkster and loves the fun
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Masked Lady
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The masked cock sucker at it again!!! She gets a reward for all her hard work this time !!
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Very horny Viper1
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We fuck all night after this shoot
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Me .... lady sooo curious
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Laura, wife , passionate MILF 43, always curious ... i like beautyful couples and boys ( especially YOUNG boys ) ... i loooove BLACK boys !
My hubby is my guide, inspiration of my sexy night , to serve, to protect and love me

we live in ITALY, near ALESSANDRIA
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New Hot does she rate?
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Met a new hot milf....I think sexy...what do you think
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Spreading Goodwill at Night
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Samantha is a little forgetful, particularly when it comes to her panties. I took her out for a few drinks and after a few martinis she wanted to let everyone get a good eye full of what she has to offer. There would have been more pics but my cell phone ran out of power! Not too worry though I didn't let her display go to waste!
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Multicolor Collection of Candid Cleavage
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Oh so close...
jazziz  Candid Cleavage, its like Candid Camera, only with tits!
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Shirley Kemp baby
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Fucking baby
jazziz  A true whore! Congratulations!!!!!!!
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Your Thoughts ?!
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Just some random shots of us.
Welcome comments.
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Yo Love mi Japan Pussi?
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I love posse for camera:) I now you love mi Japan pussie;0)
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Trying the fancy dress outfit.....
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Start of trying on her fancy dress outfit.....

More to come if liked.....

love comments....
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New outfit for drive in car II
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In her new outfit we have gone by the night and we and others had have fun in it.
please write hot comments and send her pics with tribute