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Do you think I'm a milf?
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Had to pull my pics thought someone close to me saw them I'm back.........
John2046  no, def not
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Camera hates my fatty ass.. u2?
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I'm loving your attentions.. and hearing your desires for me. but isn't my ass kinda big?
John2046  Little piece of heaven, that's what your ass is!
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Call me horny
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I luv cuntiliingus.. when I wake, in my kitchen, in my office.. I take cock whenever I can get it.. I let a guy fuck me in my dress behind the grocery store this week..
John2046  by the way, I give excellent cuntilingous..
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Anal blond milf
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She loves anal sex!
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Jamie and I like sex a lot
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We're kind of bad for each other that way.
John2046  You can give lessons to mortal girls.
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Peek a boo
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Jamie is always flashing me. Makes me want to yank her blonde hair till her tongue is darting in and out of my pussy.
John2046  Let's party!! I want all of the above.
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Purple haze
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Seems like its my color.
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My doors are open.. please cum in
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Sometimes I like to keep my boots on
John2046  Hold the doors open! Im cumming in hard!!!!
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Pussy party
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You don't know how good sex can be till you cum to one of my swing parties in D.C. They call me the capitol rotunda, but I'm just glad they call me. Everyone's welcum. I like to do a "full balls check" at the door. As hostess, I get the big ones first.
John2046  Pussy Party! Are there any other kind?!
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What a trip in the desert!
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Can't wait to go back next year!
John2046  ......
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I admit it...  I totally love car sex
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Hubby gets me drunk, then I leave the bar with a stranger or two for about an hour. Polly
John2046  Hottest post ever!
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Lily tastes like sugar
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I love to feel her up. When her nipples swell up in my fingers I know she's really turned on. Then I slide my hand down her ass until I feel her hot, wet pussy.
John2046  Let me die in your arms tonight
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First bi-girl experience
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Lily and I had been pretending we were bi for a long time.. horsing around on the couch, kissing too long when we first greeted each other. But then she started staying over night when we drank too much. Toby would always run in with the camera. Little by little we got more serious, and finally ended up in each other's honey pots.
John2046  Somehow, I doubt it will be your last! LOL Hotness!
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Let's Cook!
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Can you guess my favorite recipe?
John2046  let's fuck!
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milk dance
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Some things do go better with milk.
John2046  Can you be any hotter?