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Sex: male, looking for female
Age: 60 years old
Location: United States
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Seeking women or couples who wish to worship at the altar of the penis and accept his creamy offerings of love. Followers should accept the offerings orally or vaginally (anal offerings not given). There are few things hotter than a woman who knows how to stroke and caress a cock, and a cream filled pussy or mouth! Someday would like to make a cuck's day by fucking his woman then allow him to lick us clean before doing it again!
Betrachte gerne die geile Frauen u. Paare an Adultism während ich meinen Schwanz wichs und träume von eine schönes sperma geladen Muschi mit ihm Rühren. Suche freundliche/geile chats oder email. Würde gerne ein cuck's frau ficken und mit mein sperma voll spritzen. Dan kann er uns sauber lecken vor wir es wieder machen!