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Shaved and Hairy
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Done a few pics of Flick shaved and hairy over the weekend , hope you enjoy !!!! Would love to hear your comments
lennox44  Thanks for the comments so far !!! we will be doing more x
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Hairy glick
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Just a few hairy pics of Flick before it goes !!!!
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Gangbang - well hubby sharing me with...
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WE had come back from the pub with hubbys 3 mates who were feeling horny apparently cos I had been flashing my boobs and pussy in a flimsy thin short dress, and yes as it was a Friday I had no bra and nickers on (naturally), it was a alot of drunken fun at first !!!
After pouring out the drinks bending over all the time to give em a last peek I went up to bed.
while I was taking my dress off one of the guys came into our bedroom and started fondling me from behind, and ended up pinninng me down and getting his cock out , well apparently as he had been gone a while the others came upstairs to look for him, encouraged by my hubby !!!
They ended up taking it in turns to have me and kept me awake for hours using me in all sorts of ways. I was covered in cum and dripping all night from my swollen pussy.
Hubby says its our best video, so what do you think ?
lennox44  Fantastic video !!! Love the idea of getting friends to service the wife , more please !! x
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Shy pics of my wife Flick
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We are new to this and very excited about posting , just a few shy photos of Flick my wife , more daring ones to follow if we get positive comments !!! We would love to share pics and have dedications sent to us !!!
lennox44  Will do my best !!!
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Wife's first time posting! Encourage ...
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My wife's amazing breasts are so sensitive she can orgasm from them being given their due attention! We affectionately nick-named "The Girls"...GO Buttons! She says her nipples are directly connected to her clitoris so with very little touching, she is ready to GO! We hope you like them! She is Smokin Hot at a young 52 years old! Men and Women welcome to play with The Girls!!!
lennox44  They are fantastic breasts !!!! love them and keep posting !!
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Redhead Pussy
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Long time since I've been on. Sorry
lennox44  Even though i'm red myself i just love the red and those pics are to die for !!! More please !!!!
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Horny couple
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She loves it when guys look at her pics & jack off to them.
lennox44  They are great pics and will be jacking off to them for sure , keep them cumming !!!!
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From uksnapper
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No story,just starting to post on the site
lennox44  Loving the pics x Hope theres more to follow !!!
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