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Sex: female, looking for male
Age: 55 years old
Location: United States
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Hello World! I am 44 and married and not looking to change that status at all. However I am not afraid to say that after 20 years some things in a marriage lose there luster of course. Sometimes you do not feel appreciated in ways you wish you were. I am at the stage in my life and that is why I am here. So simply put I am seeking a nice looking male in the age range of 25 to 45 who can bring me back to life for awhile and then go on your way. I take care of my body and work very hard to do that but someone in my life does not notice that anymore and it is very frustrating ! Liberate Me!
I am not looking for my soulmate! I have that. I am looking for my secret lover and that is as blunt as it gets. I am not looking for someome to make love to me so I hope you understand that. That is boring and killing me. I have children so that limits my free time but if there is a will then there has to be a way. If you can not be discreet then please do not respond. I am not looking for trouble only safe fun.